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Knife Party

Knife Party
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Background information
Origin Australia
Genres Electro house, dubstep, moombahton, drumstep
Years active 2011 (2011)–present
Labels Earstorm, Big Beat
Associated acts Pendulum, Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki, Mistajam
Website .comknifeparty
Members Rob Swire
Gareth McGrillen

Knife Party is an Australian electronic dance music duo. They formed from two members of the drum and bass band Pendulum, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. They currently rank at #53 on DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 DJs poll, #22 on thedjlist, and #9 based on data conducted by Topple Track and JustGo Music.[1]


2002–2011: Origin and 100% No Modern Talking

The duo met and performed music since 2002 in various different bands and music projects, eventually forming [5]

Knife Party's first EP, 100% No Modern Talking, was released digitally through Warner Bros. Records on 12 December 2011.[6] The EP originally was to feature "Back to the Z-List" but was replaced with "Destroy Them with Lazers" as the duo had decided to abandon the track.[7] The EP title refers to the lack of "Modern Talking", a wavetable in the software synthesiser NI Massive commonly used to create "talking" basslines.[7] A tweet in December 2011 suggested the possibility of a remix EP in the future.[8]

2012–2013: Rage Valley and Haunted House

Playing Rage Valley Tracks on Hove Festival 2012

Their second EP, Rage Valley, was released digitally through EarStorm and Big Beat. Rob tweeted a screenshot taken on his PC showing three of the four final Rage Valley tracks, captioning the photo "3 down, 1 to go", referring to the mastering of the final track "Sleaze".[9] The title track "Rage Valley" was originally named "Fuck Em" but the title was changed "for secret shady reasons you will never know" according to Rob.[10] "Sleaze" was also re-titled, the original being called "Until They Kick Us Out".[11] Originally Rage Valley was set to be released before the end of April 2012, but due to multiple setbacks[12] the release was delayed for four weeks. It was made available for purchase on Beatport and iTunes on 27 May 2012. The song "Bonfire", released on this album, was featured on an episode of AMC's Breaking Bad in the fifth season. The EP was also Knife Party's first ever entry on the Billboard 200, peaking at #75.

Their third EP Haunted House, was released on 6 May 2013 digitally through EarStorm and Big Beat. A last minute change was made to the EP and where "Baghdad" was replaced with "Internet Friends" (VIP).[13] Rob also announced the approximate release date for the new EP, the week of 22 April, with iTunes on 29 April.[14] Rob later announced the final release date would be 6 May due to issues beyond his control. The EP was leaked on 29 April, and later uploaded in its entirety on Knife Party's YouTube channel on 5 May as well as a trailer video for the EP. The EP entered into the iTunes Top 10 Albums Chart and peaked at #3. It also hit number 1 Electro House Album on Beatport. The EP was also Knife Party's first Top 40 entry on the Billboard Top 200, peaking at #37.

Rob Swire stated that he will be taking a six month hiatus in July from live performances in order to record new music.[15] A month later Swire released a statement on Twitter that along with an announcement of a new Pendulum album, Knife Party will be recording and releasing their debut studio album.[16]

2014–present: Abandon Ship

In May 2014 Swire stated that the Knife Party album is near completion and that they were in their final stages of finishing it off.[17] In June it was announced that the album title will be "Abandon Ship", however explained that its release date will be announced once the album itself is finished. On 06 August 2014, Rob Swire released a teaser for the track "Boss Mode", from the forthcoming album.[18] On 15 August 2014, a tweet was posted on the duo's official Twitter page, stating a single, "Resistance", was to be released for free on 25 August 2014 through SoundCloud, with the album to follow shortly after. On 22 August 2014, the album was formally announced on Twitter, and is scheduled for release on 24 November 2014.[19] On 22 September 2014, "Begin Again" was released as the second promotional single from the album, available as an iTunes 'instant grat'. The song entered the UK Singles Chart at number 183.[20] On November 7th 2014 iTunes leaked the whole album.[21] Knife Party's Rob Swire mentioned in a tweet that he was happy with the album leaking, but that he felt it made "months of arguments about release dates and watermarks pointless."[22]


Studio albums

Title Details
Abandon Ship
  • Released: 24 November 2014
  • Label: Big Beat, Earstorm
  • Formats: Digital download, CD


Title Album details Peak chart positions[23]
100% No Modern Talking
Rage Valley
  • Released: 27 May 2012
  • Label: Earstorm, Big Beat
  • Formats: Digital download
75 71[24]
Haunted House
  • Released: 6 May 2013
  • Label: Earstorm, Big Beat
  • Formats: Digital download
37 1 17


Title Year Peak chart positions Album
(Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party)
2012 30 35 59 13 39 49 17 70 4 Until Now
"Resistance" 2014 Abandon Ship
"Begin Again" 183
"Boss Mode"

Other charted tracks

Title Year Peak chart positions Album
BEL (FL) FIN UK Dance UK[24]
"Internet Friends" 2011 106 9 89 100% No Modern Talking
"Rage Valley" 2012 14 71 Rage Valley
"Bonfire" 96 18 7 45
"Centipede" 19 86
"Power Glove" 2013 13 43 Haunted House


Title Year Original artist Release
"Save the World" 2011 Swedish House Mafia Save the World (The Remixes)
"Unison" Porter Robinson Spitfire
"Crush on You" Nero "Crush on You"
"Last Time" 2012 Labrinth "Last Time"

Production credits

Title Year Artist Release
"Apex" 2012 Foreign Beggars The Uprising


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