Chloride channel accessory 3, pseudogene

Chloride channel, calcium activated, family member 3, also known as CLCA3, is a protein which in humans is encoded by the CLCA3P pseudogene. The protein encoded by this gene is a chloride channel.[1] This protein is not expressed in humans but is in certain other species such as mouse.


This gene is a transcribed pseudogene belonging to the calcium sensitive chloride conductance protein family. To date, all members of this gene family map to the same site on chromosome 1p31-p22 and share high degrees of homology in size, sequence and predicted structure, but differ significantly in their tissue distributions. This gene contains several nonsense codons compared to other family members that render the transcript a candidate for nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD). Therefore, this gene is unlikely to be protein-coding.[2] Protein structure prediction methods suggest the N-terminal region of CLCA3 protein is a zinc metalloprotease, and the protein is not an ion channel per se.[3]

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