Origin Turkey
Genres R&B, pop
Years active 2005–present (Hiatus)
Labels Stardium Labels
Website http://stardium.com.tr
Members Cemre Kemer
Yasemin Yürük
Eren Bakıcı
Past members Gülçin Ergül

Group Hepsi, commonly known as Hepsi, are a famous Turkish pop/R&B girlband. They consist of "Eren Bakıcı", "Cemre Kemer" and "Yasemin Yürük", and formerly of "Gülçin Ergül", 2009, all the members of the group are from the city of Istanbul. The group rose to fame in the year 2005 with their debut album Bir, which spawned the hit songs "Olmaz Oğlan", "Üç Kalp", and "Herşeye Rağmen", and the hugely successful song "Yalan". They later went on to release their first official EP, Tempo, in association with Pepsi, and worked with Turkish Pop legend Sezen Aksu, famous for working with Tarkan. In 2006 they also released their second studio album, Hepsi 2, which spawned the huge hit "Kalpsizsin", and Aşk Sakızı. The group released their third studio album on 24 May 2008 called Saka meaning "Joke" in English. The group released their first single for this album on 23 May 2008, called "4 Peynirli Pizza" meaning "4 cheese pizza".

The group is largely followed in Turkey, with their audience being made up mainly of teenaged boys and girls and pre-teen girls.[1] The group also starred in their own soap opera, called Hepsi 1 on one of the main channels, ATV Turkey.

The group has also announced that they have been working on a cinema movie due for release on 16 January 2009 which meant that the soap opera may be delayed also with their promotion of their new album.


  • 2006–2007: Hepsi 2 1
  • 2008–Present: Şaka (10+1) 2
  • Hepsi 1 3
  • Products and endorsements 4
    • Pepsi sponsorship 4.1
    • Stationery 4.2
  • Discography 5
    • Albums 5.1
    • Singles 5.2
    • Featured 5.3
  • Charts 6
  • Awards 7
  • Tours 8
  • References 9
  • External links 10

2006–2007: Hepsi 2

In June 2006 the group released their second studio Hepsi 2. The first single from the album, "Kalpsizsin", in 2006, also became a huge hit, winning them an award at the Kral TV Music Awards for the best group. The second single was "Aşk Sakızı" in 2007 which also became a huge hit.

2008–Present: Şaka (10+1)

The group released their third studio album on 24 May 2008. The group stated that the third album was gonna be "different",[2] suggesting there could be featured artists on this album as they have only had two featured artists, one on their first albums and one on their tempo single. Also many people thought this meant that the group would be recording in a new genre, most predicting rock. The album name was expected to be called Hepsi 3 or Üç (Three), to continue the pattern of the previous two albums, named "one" and Hepsi 2, however as of 3 May 2008 the album title has been confirmed to be Şaka (10+1).

The album's name includes "(10+1)", because the ten songs featured on the album are covers of famous songs Hepsi have re-produced for their unique style. Some of the featured songs are from very famous singers in Turkey such as Ajda Pekkan and Sezen Aksu, however there is only one brand new song in this album which is "4 Peynirli Pizza", written by Kenan Dogulu. "4 Peynirli Pizza" is the first single for this album and was released on 23 May 2008.

On their official website [3], there was a questionnaire asking for the visitors to vote on which song they want to be released as a single. However on a TV program that they went on called Kulis on Powerturk music channel, and one of the group's member Cemre Kemer stated that for their latest album, they will have 5 singles. Their first one has already being released which is called "4 Peynirli Pizza" meaning '4 Cheese Pizzas' and the second one that will be released is called "Hep Bana" meaning 'All For Me'. There is no official release date for their second single yet; however the only information given about the second single for the album is that it will be aired on the Turkish television in mid December 2008. The rest from the five singles to be released from this album is, as stated by the group member Cemre, "Ask Herseyi Affedermi?" meaning 'Does Love Forgive?', "Simsiki" meaning 'Firmly/Tightly' and lastly "Onu alma Beni Al" meaning 'Don't take her take me'.

Hepsi 1

Hepsi 1 is a Turkish soap which airs once a week on ATV, originally on Show TV. The soap shows the girls as pre-famous and how they became famous. The characters of themselves are over the top, however the show has some truth about the girls, such as their likes and dislikes.

Season one attracted many views with an average of 3.2 million viewers a week. Season two had an average of 2.5 million to 6 million viewers a week.

The last episode of the season 2 has aired on 3 June 2008. Although it was said by ATV that season 2 was going to be the last season, it has been confirmed by ATV that a season 3 for Hepsi1 will be made. It did seem quite a hard decision to be made by ATV because of the amount of viewers changing every week from approximately 6 million viewers per week to 2.5 million viewers. However because of high amount of requests to ATV and the amount of viewers being quite high, ATV has confirmed that there will be a Season 3 made. Although it was confirmed it may have a long delay because of the group's promotion of their new album and also the recording of their movie.

Products and endorsements

Pepsi sponsorship

In summer 2006 they starred in the Turkish Pepsi commercials, advertising the Pepsi Power Club music download site (the first legal music download site in Turkey[3]). There are two adverts, one of which shows what Hepsi were like as they were growing up, starting from when they were children.


The group have released their own stationery and school equipment line. This contains 160 different types of stationery equipment, varying from books, pens, pencils, art books, diaries etc. This stationary line was released in two parts; the first part of the stationary equipment being released in the beginning of July, these were the books, and the rest of the equipment, pens and pencils were released in the first weeks of September 2008.

2008–2009: Group hiatus

in 2009 the group decided to go on their musical way.So they are now only 3 group members(Cemre Kemer,Yasemin Yürük and Eren Bakıcı).

2012–present: Second group hiatus





  • 2008: "Organik" - Nükhet Duru ft Hepsi
  • 2011: "Şık Şık" - Murat Dalkılıç ft. Volga Tamöz & Hepsi


Year Single Album Turkish Singles Chart
2005 Olmaz Oğlan Bir 5
Yalan ft Murat Boz 1
Herşeye Rağmen 8
Üç Kalp 10
2006 Tempo ft Sezen Aksu Tempo (Single/Pepsi Özel) 16
Kalpsizsin Hepsi 2 7
2007 Aşk Sakızı 2
2008 Sen Bir Tanesin Winx Club Kayıp Krallığın Sırrı 3
4 Peynirli Pizza Şaka (10+1) 18
2009 Hep Bana 26
2010 Yeter Geri Dönüşüm 20
Canıma değsin 89
Harikalar Diyarı Winx Club 3D / Sihirli Macera Soundtrack 18
Nükleer Geri Dönüşüm 73
Uğraşma Geri Dönüşüm 51


  • 2010: - Pal Fm-Band of the Year-"Won"
  • 2009: - Kral TV Video Music Awards - Band of the Year - Nominated
  • 2008: - Will foundation special Atanur Oğuz Schools Soap of the Year - "Won"
  • 2008: - 11. Istanbul Fm Music Awards - Band of the Year - "Won"
  • 2008: - PowerTurk Music Award 2008 - Band of the Year - Nominated
  • 2008: - Kral TV Video Music Awards - Band of the Year - "Won"
  • 2007: - Power Turk Music Awards 2007 - Band of the Year - "Won"
  • 2007: - Kral TV Video Music Awards - Band of the year - "Won"
  • 2007: - Jetix Awards-Band of the Year -"Won"
  • 2006: - Kral TV Video Music Awards - Band of the Year - "Won"
  • 2006: - Jetix Awards-Band of the Year -"Won"


Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Concerts

  • 1 June 2007 - Famagusta / Namik Kemal District
    • Production Company: Stardium[1]
    • Executive Producer: Ahu Özışık
    • Producer: Ceyhan Çandır
    • Recording Studio: İmaj Stüdyoları
    • Recording Engineer: Murat Elgün
    • Mixing Engineer: Marek Pompetzki
    • Mastering Engineer: Stefan
    • Graphic Design: Stardium
    • Photographer: Ayten Alpün
    • Styling: Kemal Doğulu


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