Mustafa Sandal

Mustafa Sandal

Mustafa Sandal
Birth name Mustafa Sandal
Born (1970-01-11) January 11, 1970
Istanbul, Turkey
Origin Istanbul
Genres Dance, folk, pop, techno, world
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, producer, performance artist, businessman, actor
Years active 1991–present
Labels Yada Productions, Universal Music Group, Şahin Özer Plak, Sony Music France, Sony Music Entertainment, Seyhan Müzik, Prestij Müzik, Poll Production, Erol Köse Production, Doğan Music Production
Associated acts Beyza İskender, Ajda Pekkan, Dino Merlin, Emina Jahović, İzel, Sertab Erener, Sezen Aksu, Panjabi MC, Zerrin Özer, etc.
Website .net.mustinetwww

Mustafa Sandal (born 11 January 1970), also known as Musti, is a Turkish pop music singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, businessman, and actor whose albums have sold over 20 million copies worldwide and have achieved diamond, platinum, and gold certifications in Turkey. Regarding his critical and commercial success, Sandal is often considered to be one of the most important singers from Turkey since he emerged in the early 1990s with the revival of Turkish pop music. Born and raised in Istanbul, he primarily studied at Dost Koleji in Tarabya and at Collège du Léman in Geneva, and briefly attended University of New Hampshire's School of Business and Economics in the United States before receiving his BA degree in Management from American College of London. His vocal abilities captured the attention of several different recording artists and following his graduation, Mustafa Sandal became involved in song writing also for notable singers. He is extremely fluent in English, French, Italian, and Turkish.

Musti is famous in Europe for his songs "Moonlight", "Araba", and "İsyankâr" in such European countries as Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France,[1] Germany, and Switzerland.[2][3] He is also known in the United States, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Azerbaijan. His brother-in-law is Mirsad Türkcan, the first Turkish basketball player to play in the NBA.

Having been married on 13 January 2008 in Hôtel Les Ottomans à Istanbul to the prominent Serbian Bosniak singer Emina Jahović whom he met in July 2004 in Bodrum, Muğla, he has two sons. The couple's first child, Yaman, was born by Caesarean section in Istanbul on 8 August 2008. He weighed in at 3,700 grams (eight pounds, two ounces). On 21 February 2012, Mustafa Sandal's wife Emina Jahović gave birth at the American Hospital to a baby boy, Yavuz, measuring 51 cm long (20 inches) and 3,110 grams (6 pounds, 14 ounces).


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Early life

Mustafa Sandal was born on 11 January 1970 in Istanbul. When he started school, his classmates and teachers quickly realized his talents in music. When Musti heard a song, he was immediately able to pick out the different instruments and their melodies throughout the music. He finished high school at Collège du Léman in Geneva, Switzerland. He then attended New Hampshire College in the United States. After graduating, he went back to Istanbul. During this time, Musti became involved in writing music with many songwriters. In a short time, he began to write his own music and wrote songs for famous Turkish singers, including Ayşegül Aldinç, Hakan Peker, and Zerrin Özer.


Mustafa Sandal released his debut album Suç Bende in 1994. It sold 1.7 million copies and became the greatest selling album of the year with a landslide victory. During this time, Musti gave 140 concerts throughout Turkey as well as thirty concerts in Europe. He was interested in working with all areas of music and wanted to be not only a singer, but also a songwriter and producer.

In 1995, Musti collaborated with Turkish pop singer Sibel Alaş in her album Adam which has sold 400,000 copies.

In 1996, Sandal moved to London to isolate himself from fans while preparing his next album. Later that year, he released his second album Gölgede Aynı which has sold 2.6 million copies. After the outstanding popularity of this album, he performed 140 concerts throughout Turkey. The third music video of the album for the song "Bir Anda" used tie-clip techniques which were a first for Turkish fans. Later the same year, Mustafa Sandal produced Turkish pop singer İzel's album Emanet. Sandal's third album Detay was the first album released from his newly established record label Yada Productions.

In 2000, after the success of Tarkan, Musti signed a contract with Sony Music France and released a compilation album titled Araba. His fourth album Akışına Bırak, which had disappointing sales, was also released in 2000. However, the duet with Natalia Doussopoulou for the song "Hatırla Beni", originally called "Eleos" sung by Angela Dimitriou and Amr Diab, became very successful and a huge concert tour visiting Turkey followed.

In 2001, Prestij Müzik, the parent company of Mustafa Sandal's Yada Productions, was bankrupted and he signed into Erol Köse Productions.

In 2002, Musti released his fifth studio album Kop which contained the 2002 hit "Pazara Kadar", as well as his first promotional single "Kopmam Lazım" for Telsim (present-day Vodafone Türkiye).

In 2003, he released his first maxi single titled Maxi Sandal 2003 / Moonlight which included a duet of the Greek folk song "Anaveis Foties" as well as unveiling his first European single Aya Benzer 2003. In his next album Seven, Sandal was intended to release songs in English; yet, due to a series of conflicts with producer Erol Köse this album was published by Universal Music Group.

In 2004, Sandal released his second European single "Araba 2004", along with a second version of "Seven" called Seven New Version which was not a commercial success.

Later in 2004, Musti released his second maxi single İste which contained the hit "İsyankâr" (Rebellious). He also performed the song with Punjabi MC in 2005.

On 11 August 2005, Musti released his third single "İsyankar" in Europe and later won a Gold Record for high sales in Germany. The song reached the top 20 of several European countries, peaking at number four in Switzerland. Later that year, Seven Reloaded, a third version of the album Seven, was releasent. After disappointing sales, Musti announced that he was taking a career break. During this time, Musti were featured in three TV commercials for Muhabbet Kart, a service provided by Turkcell. He also started giving concerts throughout Turkey. During one of his concerts, Mustafa Sandal said that, "This summer has been too quiet. It is again my responsibility to make hits". Due to the fact Sandal's song "Yamalı Tövbeler" has sold poorly caused more tension between Mustafa Sandal and his producer Erol Köse. As a result, his contract was transferred to Seyhan Müzik.

Throughout 2006, Mustafa Sandal appeared on Doğuş Otomobil's safe driving commercials. It was declared on his official website that his 1996 hit "Araba" would be translated and put into Shakira's next album.

It was announced that his album Devamı Var would be released in December 2006. In 2007, Sandal's radio station Musti FM confirmed on its official website that Devamı Var's production has been postponed to 23 April 2007, and later to 19 May. However, the album was released officially on 13 June 2007. On May 2007, Mustafa Sandal invited Jahović to Istanbul and showed her three tracks he had written for her in his new album. She was deeply affected by them. To promote his album, Musti starred in three commercials for Muhabbet Kart with his grandfather Hüseyin İleri, a famous percussionist. Musti also explained in an interview that his grandfather raised him during his childhood and gave him motivation and interest towards music. In an interview with Turkish entertainment show Canlı Canlı, it was admitted by Mustafa Sandal that he was again in a relationship with Emina Jahović. Later in June, Seyhan Müzik announced that the album Devamı Var sold 200,000 copies in its first week and has reached number one in all music store listings in Turkey. Overall, 2.3 million copies of Devamı var was sold across the world.

In 2010, Mustafa Sandal was cast in the movie Five Minarets in New York that was directed by Mahsun Kırmızıgül.

In 2012, Mustafa and Emina Sandal were featured in the TV commercial Akıllı Telefon Hareketi for Turkcell, which aired throughout the year in order to promote the Turkish multinational telecommunications company's smartphone revolution.

In February 2013, Turkcell unveiled its second TV commercial featuring the Sandal couple, Maxi'yi Alan Yaşadı.[4]

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