Sibel Alaş

Sibel Alaş

Sibel Alaş is a Turkish pop music singer. She was born in February 13, 1973 in İzmit. She graduated from American Culture and Literature Department in İstanbul University.[1] Her first hit was 'Adam' (Man) from her album of the same name in 1995. She was both vocalist and dancer of Yonca Evcimik before solo career.[2] She released second album, Fem (Not opened rose in Turkish or short of female in English) in 1996. She broke music career after releasing Çocuk ("Child" in Turkish) albüm in 1998 due to marrying with Zeki Aköz, who is her manager in 1996[3] and her disease, Aneurysm.[4] She released fourth album, "Carpe Diem" ("Seize the day" in Latin), in 2006.


  • Adam (1995)
  • Fem (1996)
  • Çocuk (1998)
  • Carpe Diem (2006)

Video Clips

  • Adam (At Adam) Adam
  • Bende Hüküm Sür (At Adam) Bende Hüküm Sür
  • Neyleriz (At Adam) Neyleriz
  • Firarım Ben (At Fem) Firarım Ben
  • Fem (At Fem) Fem
  • Bin Yıldız (At Fem) Bin Yıldız
  • Çok Ayıp (At Çocuk) Çok Ayıp
  • Tanrı Korusun (At Çocuk) Tanrı Korusun
  • Av (At Carpe Diem) Av


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