Tachykinin receptor

Tachykinin receptor

tachykinin receptor 1
Symbol TACR1
Alt. symbols TAC1R
Entrez 6869
HUGO 11526
OMIM 162323
RefSeq NM_001058
UniProt P25103
Other data
Locus Chr. 2 p13.1-p12
tachykinin receptor 2
Symbol TACR2
Alt. symbols TAC2R, NKNAR
Entrez 6865
HUGO 11527
OMIM 162321
RefSeq NM_001057
UniProt P21452
Other data
Locus Chr. 10 q11-q21
tachykinin receptor 3
Symbol TACR3
Entrez 6870
HUGO 11528
OMIM 162332
RefSeq NM_001059
UniProt P29371
Other data
Locus Chr. 4 q25

There are three known mammalian tachykinin receptors termed NK1, NK2 and NK3. All are members of the 7 transmembrane G-protein coupled receptor family and induce the activation of phospholipase C, producing inositol triphosphate (so called Gq-coupled).


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The genes and receptor ligands are as follows:[1]

Receptor Gene Preferred ligand
NK1 TACR1 substance P
NK2 TACR2 neurokinin A
NK3 TACR3 neurokinin B

(Hökfelt et al., 2001; Page, 2004; Pennefather et al., 2004; Maggi, 2000)

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