The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest
Genre Reality, Sports
Created by Craig Piligian, Frank Fertitta III, Lorenzo Fertitta, Dana White
Starring Dana White, Forrest Griffin and Quinton Jackson
Country of origin  United States
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel Spike TV
Original run April 2, 2008 – June 21, 2008
Preceded by The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra
Followed by The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest was the seventh season of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) produced reality television series The Ultimate Fighter, and premiered on April 2, 2008 on Spike TV, after UFC Fight Night 13. Unlike several other seasons which focused on two weight classes, season 7 featured only Middleweight fighters (171–185 lb).[1]

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson starred as a coach, opposite light heavyweight #1 contender Forrest Griffin, who coached the opposing team. The two fighters fought for the UFC light heavyweight title after the completion of the series at UFC 86 at which time Griffin won becoming the new Light Heavyweight Champion.

In a change from previous seasons, season 7 began with 32 fighters arriving at the UFC training center instead of the usual 16. UFC president Dana White told the fighters that over the previous six seasons, he had become fed up with contestants not training and competing as hard as they could, or complaining about various issues on the show. His solution was for the fighters to earn their way into the house by winning a fight before the show even started. The first two episodes were a compilation of the entry fights.



  •      Team Forrest
    • Forrest Griffin, head coach
    • Cameron Diffley, assistant coach, Jiu-Jitsu
    • Mark Beecher, assistant coach, Muay Thai
    • Gray Maynard, assistant coach, Wrestling


  • Fighters Eliminated in or before Entry Round:
    • David Baggett, Steve Byrnes, Erik Charles, John Clarke, Josh Hall, Mike Marrello, Prince McLean, Aaron Meisner, David Mewborn, Reggie Orr, Jeremiah Riggs, David Roberts, Nick Rossborough, Dan Simmler, John Wood

Asterisk (*) - Removed from show.



Episode 1 – No Posers
  • Dana White introduces the coaches and tells the 32 fighters the reason there are so many for this season is because he is tired of "the posers who complain about the camera's bothering them or their girlfriend is mad at them." White tells them this season, they will fight to earn the right.
  • These four fights are shown in their entirety on the show:
    • Mike Dolce defeats Prince McLean by knock out at 1:21 in the first round.
    • Cale Yarbrough defeats John Clarke by technical knock out at 4:02 in the first round.
    • Amir Sadollah submits Steve Byrnes by armlock at 2:22 in the second round.
    • Jeremy May submits David Roberts by armlock at 1:17 in the first round.
  • These four fights are shown by highlights and the end result of the fight only:
    • CB Dollaway defeats David Baggett by technical knock out at 1:29 in the first round.
    • Dante Rivera submits John Wood by kimura at 0:58 in the first round.
    • Nick Klein submits David Mewborn by arm triangle choke at 3:39 in the first round.
    • Paul Bradley defeats Reggie Orr by decision after two rounds.
Episode 2 – No Losers Here
  • These five fights are shown in their entirety on the show:
    • Matthew Riddle defeats Dan Simmler by knock out at :09 in the second round. Simmler's jaw was broken and he was taken away in an ambulance.
    • Luke Zachrich submits Patrick Schultz by rear naked choke at 2:29 in the first round.
    • Tim Credeur submits Erik Charles by armbar at 1:00 in the first round.
    • Jesse Taylor submits Nick Rossborough by rear naked choke at 1:50 in first round.
    • Matt Brown defeats Josh Hall by technical knock out at 4:57 in first round.
  • These three fights are shown by highlights and the end result of the fight only:
    • Brandon Sene submits Aaron Meisner by rear naked choke at 3:29 in the second round.
    • Gerald Harris defeats Mike Marrello by unanimous decision after two rounds.
    • Dan Cramer defeats Jeremiah Riggs by unanimous decision after two rounds.
Episode 3 – The Heebie-Jeebies
  • The teams are picked and White flips a coin (blue for Rampage, brown for Forrest). Quinton "Rampage" Jackson wins the coin toss and chooses to pick the first fighter, giving Forrest Griffin the first fight selection.
  • Jackson picks CB Dollaway first, while Griffin picks Tim Credeur.
  • Paul Bradley is removed from the house because of a contagious skin condition. Patrick Schultz is brought back as his replacement.
  • Team Forrest selects Taylor to fight Dolce.
  • Jesse Taylor submits Mike Dolce by rear naked choke at 1:47 of the second round.
  • Team Forrest retains control of the fight selections.
Episode 4 – Everything to Lose
  • Dante Rivera shows disrespect towards Matthew Riddle, saying that he will go into retirement if the younger man beats him in a fight.
  • Team Forrest selects Credeur to fight Riddle.
  • Rivera continues to ridicule Riddle at the house, claiming he has been in his head since they met. Rivera keeps insisting Riddle to bet him $500 that he would not make it out of the first round.
  • Tim Credeur submits Matthew Riddle by armbar at 4:06 of the second round.
  • Team Forrest retains control of the fight selections.
Episode 5 – Chewbacle
  • Jackson brings in Michael Bisping as a guest trainer for his team.
  • At the house, Jeremy May pours lime juice in Matt Brown's tobacco, and Brown becomes angry and wants to fight him.
  • Team Forrest selects Rivera to fight Sene.
  • Dante Rivera defeats Brandon Sene by decision after three rounds.
  • After the fight, Jackson loses his temper because he and White thought that Sene should have won the fight for doing more damage than Rivera.
  • Team Forrest retains control of the fight selections, choosing Brown to fight May in the next episode.
Episode 6 – Piece of Meat
  • Matt Brown defeats Jeremy May by knock out at 3:35 of Round 1.
  • White calls it one of the coolest knockouts he had seen in the history of TUF. Members of both teams wanted Brown to win due to May's behavior in the house.
  • Team Forrest selects Zachrich to fight Cramer.
  • Griffin's method of letting his members decide who will fight by flipping a coin frustrates Jackson.
  • Dan Cramer defeats Luke Zachrich by technical knock out at 1:49 of the second round.
  • Team Rampage gains control of the fight selections.
Episode 7 – Under the Radar
  • Team Rampage picks Harris to fight Sadollah.
  • Amir Sadollah defeats Gerald Harris by technical knock out at 2:36 of Round 2.
  • Harris throws a fit in Team Rampage's room and sobs that he put everything on that fight.
  • Team Forrest regains control of the fight picks for the final two fights.
  • The brown team picks Yarbrough to fight Schultz. This leaves Nick Klein to fight CB Dollaway.
  • Cale Yarbrough defeats Patrick Schultz by majority decision after two rounds. There was controversy over the decision including demands from Jackson that the fight should go to a third round. This leads to a verbal argument between the coaches ending with Jackson saying he would bet his purse that his fight with Griffin would not go to decision.
Episode 8 – Mean and Nasty
  • Griffin destroys a door after Jackson says he would bet his purse that his fight with him will not go to a decision.
  • Griffin pranks Jackson by using a net gun to shoot a net to him while he was sitting in the cage.
  • CB Dollaway submits Nick Klein by guillotine choke at 2:41 in the 2nd round of the final preliminary match.
  • Yarbrough rubs Dollaway and Matthew Riddle the wrong way by making fun of them because they had the same sunglasses.
  • Sadollah cuts Griffin's hair. After that, Jackson returns the prank to Griffin by soaking him with a water gun.
  • After the coaches meet with him, White reveals the quarterfinal matchups. They are:
    • Jesse Taylor vs. Dante Rivera
    • Amir Sadollah vs. Matt Brown
    • Dan Cramer vs. Tim Credeur
    • CB Dollaway vs. Cale Yarbrough
Episode 9 – Throwing Bombs
  • After flipping a coin, it is decided that Griffin will corner both Taylor and Sadollah, meaning that Team Forrest fighters Rivera and Brown will be cornered by Jackson.
  • Other fighters in the house wonder why Taylor can eat so unhealthy and drink alcohol so much, and still be more in shape and physically fit than them.
  • Jesse Taylor defeats Dante Rivera by unanimous decision after two rounds.
  • Amir Sadollah submits Matt Brown by triangle choke at 4:09 in the second round.
Episode 10 – Losers Go Home
  • Jeremy May causes more problems for himself by first challenging Matt Brown to a rematch right after his loss. Then he makes insulting and anti-Semitic comments to Jesse Taylor (who is part Jewish) in an attempt to goad the Team Forrest member into hitting him, which would result in Taylor being forced off the show and out of the tournament.
  • Tim Credeur submits Dan Cramer with a heel hook at 2:10 in Round 1.
  • The coaches take both teams out one night to Pole Position Raceway to race go-karts because they have been working so hard and deserved a break.
  • When the fighters return from racing go-karts, they begin to drink, and in turn, tear up the house.
  • CB Dollaway defeats Cale Yarbrough by technical knock out (strikes) at 2:43 in Round 1.
  • Jackson is late to the meeting to decide the semifinal matchups, so Griffin and White interview the fighters. White's choices are the exact opposite of what Griffin wants for his fighters. Griffin is upset about match-ups since he was "brown-nosing" White all season and especially since was on time for the meeting, and Jackson was not.
  • Credeur will fight Taylor in the first semifinal match.
  • Dollaway will fight Sadollah in the second semifinal match.
Episode 11 – Coco is King
  • The Coach's Challenge is held between Griffin and Jackson. They play "Ultimate Fighter" Horse for $10,000.
  • The winning coach's fighters were originally to win $1,000 each. White challenges Jackson to make a three-point shot to double the fighter's payouts. Jackson, who claims to be very bad at basketball, makes the three-point shot. As a result, the winning coach's fighters will each receive $2,000.
  • Griffin, who played basketball in high school, shoots the ball "like Larry Bird in his prime," according to Gerald Harris. He wins the challenge, finishing with a one-handed slam dunk that Jackson says he will not even attempt.
  • Later that night, the fighters engage in drinking again, and Taylor gets very drunk and deliberately urinates his pants inside of the house. Then he runs around the house and yells at everyone telling them what he just did. He then tries to hold himself underwater, partially drowning himself, in the hot tub because he does not want to get out.
  • Semifinal matches will be three five-minute rounds, as opposed to two five-minute rounds (with a third tie breaker if needed) in the previous matches of the season.
  • Jesse Taylor defeats Tim Credeur by unanimous decision (30–27, 30–26, 30–26) after three rounds.
Episode 12 – First Time Ever
  • Amir Sadollah submits CB Dollaway in the second semifinal bout by armbar at 2:50 in the third round.
  • Following the taping of the show, Jesse Taylor and four other castmates stay in Las Vegas an extra night. White is given security footage from the Palace Station Casino showing Taylor kicking out a limousine window. White is also told that Taylor went into the hotel bar and "terrorized" women there. When approached by security, Taylor became belligerent and was yelling that he was a UFC fighter and did not have to follow the rules.
  • White calls Griffin and Jackson to the training center to show them the video footage and explain the situation. Then Taylor is called in and told that he will be removed from the fight in the finale. White questions Taylor's maturity and worries about how he would act if he really were a UFC fighter. He advises Taylor to return home and get his life together.
  • Dollaway and Credeur are flown back to Las Vegas and arrive back at the training center, where they are told about the situation with Taylor. They are invited to fight each other for the chance to replace Taylor in the finale to fight against Sadollah. They agree and are given three weeks to prepare.
  • CB Dollaway defeats Tim Credeur by unanimous decision after three rounds to move onto the finals and a rematch against Sadollah.


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Amir Sadollah defeated CB Dollaway via submission (armbar) at 3:02 of round 1 to become The Ultimate Fighter: Season 7 Middleweight winner.

Middleweight Bracket

  Eliminations First Round Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Jesse Taylor    
 Nick Rossborough    
        Jesse Taylor    
        Mike Dolce    
 Prince McLean  
 Mike Dolce    
        Jesse Taylor    
        Dante Rivera    
 Dante Rivera    
 John Wood    
        Dante Rivera  
        Brandon Sene    
 Brandon Sene  
 Aaron Meisner    
        Jesse Taylor    
        Tim Credeur    
 Luke Zachrich    
 Patrick Schultz    
        Luke Zachrich  
        Daniel Cramer    
 Daniel Cramer  
 Jeremiah Riggs    
        Daniel Cramer  
        Tim Credeur    
 Tim Credeur    
 Erik Charles    
        Tim Credeur  
        Matthew Riddle    
 Matthew Riddle  
 Dan Simmler    
      *C.B. Dollaway  
      Amir Sadollah  
 Amir Sadollah    
 Steve Byrnes    
        Amir Sadollah    
        Gerald Harris    
 Gerald Harris  
 Mike Marrello    
        Amir Sadollah    
        Matt Brown    
 Matt Brown    
 Josh Hall    
        Matt Brown  
        Jeremy May    
 Jeremy May  
 David Roberts    
        Amir Sadollah  
        C.B. Dollaway    
 Nick Klein    
 David Mewborn    
        Nick Klein  
        C.B. Dollaway    
 C.B. Dollaway  
 David Baggett    
        C.B. Dollaway  
        Cale Yarbrough    
 Cale Yarbrough    
 John Clarke    
        Cale Yarbrough  
        *Patrick Schultz    
 Paul Bradley  
 Reggie Orr    
  Team Rampage
  Team Forrest
  Unanimous Decision
  Majority Decision
  Split Decision
  (Technical) KO

  • Patrick Schultz replaced Paul Bradley who was removed from the house because of a contagious skin condition.
  • C.B. Dollaway won a fight against Tim Credeur to replace Jesse Taylor who was removed from the finale.


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