UPRM College of Arts and Sciences

UPRM College of Arts and Sciences

The UPRM College of Arts and Sciences is one of four colleges of University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. The College of Arts and Sciences is the major college of UPRM.


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The falculty was created when Luis Stefani was heading the Colegio.[1] The School of Science was organized in 1943 according to the provisions of the University Act of 1942, and was authorized to grant the degree of Bachelor of Science in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics. A Division of General Studies was set up later, independently, with the purpose of offering a series of introductory or basic courses. The School of Science and the Division of General Studies were fused to form the College of Arts and Sciences of the Mayagüez Campus in 1959.


The Bachelor of Science degree is offered in the areas of Biology, Industrial Microbiology, Industrial Biotechnology, Chemistry, Geology, Pure Mathematics, Nursing, Physical Sciences, Pre-Medical Studies, Theoretical Physics, Computer Science, and Mathematics Education. A Minor in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology is also offered by the Department of Physics.[2]

The Bachelor of Arts degree is offered in English, Hispanic Studies, French Language and Literature, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Plastic Arts, Theory of Art, History, General Social Sciences, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Economics, and Physical Education. It also offers a Film Certificate through the English Department.[3]

At present the College offers graduate instruction leading to the degree of Master of Science in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Marine Sciences, Mathematics and Physics as well as the Master of Arts in Hispanic Studies and the teaching of English as a second language.

In 1972, the College initiated a program leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Marine Sciences. The Mayagüez Campus is the only institution in Puerto Rico offering a Ph.D. in this field. The Applied Chemistry Ph.D. program started in 2004. A multidisciplinary doctorate degree in Computer Information Science and Engineering is offered in collaboration between the Mathematics and the Electric and Computer Engineering Departments.


The College of Arts and Sciences currently consists of 14 departments:

  • Economy Department
  • English Department
  • Hispanical Studies Department
  • Humanities Department
  • Nursing Department
  • Physical Education Department
  • Department of Social Sciences
  • Biology Department
  • Industrial Biotechnology Department
  • Chemistry Department [4]
  • Geology Department
  • Physics Department
  • Marine Sciences Department
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences [5]


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