49ers–Seahawks rivalry

49ers–Seahawks rivalry

San Francisco 49ers–Seattle Seahawks rivalry
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks
First meeting September 26, 1976
49ers 37, Seahawks 21
Latest meeting October 22, 2015
Seahawks 20, 49ers 3
Next meeting November 22, 2015
Meetings total 34 (including the playoffs)
All-time series Seahawks lead 19–15 (including the playoffs)
Postseason results

Seahawks lead 1–0

  • January 19, 2014: Seahawks 23, 49ers 17
Largest victory 49ers: 38–7 (1988)
Seahawks: 41–3 (2005)
Longest streak 49ers: 4 (2010–2012)
Seahawks: 6 (2003–2005)
Current streak Seahawks: 4 wins (2014–present)

The 49ers–Seahawks rivalry is an American football rivalry between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks in the National Football League (NFL). The Seahawks currently lead the all-time series record 19–15, including 1–0 in the playoffs.

The two teams were not rivals until 2002, when the Seahawks returned to the NFC for the first time since their inaugural 1976 season.[1] Prior to 2002, the 49ers led the all-time series 4–2, but since they became NFC West divisional rivals in 2002, the Seahawks lead the series 17–11. The rivalry was once considered not very significant, due to the two teams having little history against each other and with both suffering significant stretches of mediocrity.[2] For example, while the Seahawks won four straight division titles from 2004–2007, the 49ers finished in third or fourth place each season and did not have a winning season from 2003–2010. Likewise, the Seahawks suffered four straight losing seasons from 2008–2011. Despite their stretch of mediocrity, the Seahawks have remained competitive in games against the 49ers in those years, especially games at CenturyLink Field, where their worst loss to the 49ers there was by only ten points in 2006.

The rivalry intensified in 2011, when long-standing college rival coaches — former USC coach Pete Carroll and former Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh — took over as head coaches, with Carroll becoming the Seahawks' coach in 2010, and Harbaugh becoming the 49ers coach the following season. Both teams drafted young, mobile quarterbacks to lead their franchises, Seattle's Russell Wilson and San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick.[3] Both coaches turned their respective franchises into perennial playoff contenders, and since 2010, either the Seahawks or the 49ers have claimed the NFC West championship.

Since Russell Wilson became the starter for Seattle in the 2012 season, the 49ers have been outscored 150-61 in the regular season.

The two teams met in the 2013 NFC Championship Game in CenturyLink Field with a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII on the line, with the Seahawks winning by a score of 23–17. The game ended when Seahawks' cornerback Richard Sherman, whom Jim Harbaugh previously coached at Stanford, tipped an end zone pass that led to a game-ending interception. Seattle went on to defeat the Denver Broncos 43–8 in Super Bowl XLVIII to win their first Super Bowl championship. San Francisco had represented the NFC in a losing effort in Super Bowl XLVII the previous season.

Game results

49ers' victory Seahawks' victory Tied Game Post-Season Meeting Overtime Result

Note: All game dates occur on Sunday unless indicated otherwise.

Pre-NFC West (49ers 4–2)

Year Date Winner Result Loser Series Location
1976 September 26 San Francisco 49ers 37–21 Seattle Seahawks SF 1–0 Kingdome
1979 October 7 Seattle Seahawks 35–24 San Francisco 49ers Tied 1–1 Candlestick Park
1985 November 25 (Mon.) San Francisco 49ers 19–6 Seattle Seahawks SF 2–1 Candlestick Park
1988 September 25 San Francisco 49ers 38–7 Seattle Seahawks SF 3–1 Kingdome
1991 December 8 San Francisco 49ers 24–22 Seattle Seahawks SF 4–1 Kingdome
1997 December 21 Seattle Seahawks 38–9 San Francisco 49ers SF 4–2 Kingdome

2000s (Seahawks 10–6)

Year Date Winner Result Loser Series Location
2002 October 14 (Mon.) San Francisco 49ers 28–21 Seattle Seahawks SF 5–2 Seahawks Stadium
December 1 San Francisco 49ers 31–24 Seattle Seahawks SF 6–2 San Francisco Stadium at Candlestick Point
2003 October 12 Seattle Seahawks 20–19 San Francisco 49ers SF 6–3 Seahawks Stadium
December 27 (Sat.) Seattle Seahawks 24–17 San Francisco 49ers SF 6–4 San Francisco Stadium at Candlestick Point
2004 September 26 Seattle Seahawks 34–0 San Francisco 49ers SF 6–5 Qwest Field
November 7 Seattle Seahawks 42–27 San Francisco 49ers Tied 6–6 Monster Park
2005 November 20 Seattle Seahawks 27–25 San Francisco 49ers SEA 7–6 Monster Park
December 11 Seattle Seahawks 41–3 San Francisco 49ers SEA 8–6 Qwest Field
2006 November 19 San Francisco 49ers 20–14 Seattle Seahawks SEA 8–7 Monster Park
December 14 (Thur.) San Francisco 49ers 24–14 Seattle Seahawks Tied 8–8 Qwest Field
2007 September 30 Seattle Seahawks 23–3 San Francisco 49ers SEA 9–8 Monster Park
November 12 (Mon.) Seattle Seahawks 24–0 San Francisco 49ers SEA 10–8 Qwest Field
2008 September 14 San Francisco 49ers 33–30 (OT) Seattle Seahawks SEA 10–9 Qwest Field
October 26 Seattle Seahawks 34–13 San Francisco 49ers SEA 11–9 Candlestick Park
2009 September 20 San Francisco 49ers 23–10 Seattle Seahawks SEA 11–10 Candlestick Park
December 6 Seattle Seahawks 20–17 San Francisco 49ers SEA 12–10 Qwest Field

2010s (Seahawks 7–5)

Year Date Winner Result Loser Series Location
2010 September 12 Seattle Seahawks 31–6 San Francisco 49ers SEA 13–10 Qwest Field
December 12 San Francisco 49ers 40–21 Seattle Seahawks SEA 13–11 Candlestick Park
2011 September 11 San Francisco 49ers 33–17 Seattle Seahawks SEA 13–12 Candlestick Park
December 24 (Sat.) San Francisco 49ers 19–17 Seattle Seahawks Tied 13–13 CenturyLink Field
2012 October 18 (Thur.) San Francisco 49ers 13–6 Seattle Seahawks SF 14–13 Candlestick Park
December 23 Seattle Seahawks 42–13 San Francisco 49ers Tied 14–14 CenturyLink Field
2013 September 15 Seattle Seahawks 29–3 San Francisco 49ers SEA 15–14 CenturyLink Field
December 8 San Francisco 49ers 19–17 Seattle Seahawks Tied 15–15 Candlestick Park
January 19, 2014 Seattle Seahawks 23–17 San Francisco 49ers SEA 16–15 CenturyLink Field
2014 November 27 (Thur.) Seattle Seahawks 19–3 San Francisco 49ers SEA 17-15 Levi's Stadium
December 14 Seattle Seahawks 17–7 San Francisco 49ers SEA 18-15 CenturyLink Field
2015 October 22 (Thur.) Seattle Seahawks 20–3 San Francisco 49ers SEA 19-15 Levi's Stadium


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