Abd-al-Baqi al-Zurqani

Abd-al-Baqi al-Zurqani

Abd al-Baqi al-Zurqani
Born 1020 AH/1611 CE[1]
Died 1099 AH/1688 CE[1]
Era Medieval era

Abd al-Baqi al-Zurqani (1611–1688) was an Islamic scholar from Egypt, connected to Al-Azhar. His full name was Abd al-Baqiy ibn Yusuf ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ulwan al-Zurqani.[1] He is the father of Muhammad al-Zurqani and the commentator of al-Jundi's Mukhtasar Khalil, itself annotated by Muhammad ibn al-Hassan al-Bannani (1113-1194/1701-1780), titled al-Fath al-Rabbani.


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  • Commentary on Al-Jundi's Mukhtasar [2]

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