Alfred Müller-Armack

Alfred Müller-Armack

Alfred Müller-Armack
Born 28 June 1901
Essen, German Empire
Died 16 March 1978
Cologne, West Germany
Nationality German
School or tradition

Alfred Müller-Armack (28 June 1901 – 16 March 1978) was a German economist and politician.

He was professor of economics at University of Münster and University of Cologne. Müller-Armack coined the term "social market economy" in 1946.

Müller-Armack was a central figure of the "Cologne school." He always pointed out that the economy had to serve humanity. A regulatory environment should provide the basis for a form of competition that was to the best for all people.

After 1952, he worked in the economic ministry under Ludwig Erhard (CDU) as section chief of the newly founded policy department (Grundsatzabteilung).