Alyosha the Pot

Alyosha the Pot

"Alyosha the Pot" (Russian: Алеша Горшок [Alyosha Gorshok]) is a short story by Leo Tolstoy (1905). D. S. Mirsky considered it "a masterpiece of rare perfection."


Alyosha, a young child who lives in a village and obtained the nickname "the Pot" from an incident where he broke a pot in his youth, is sent to live with a merchant's family as a servant. He falls in love with Ustinja, a young girl who cooks for the merchant's family. Eventually he asks Ustinja to marry him, but his father scolds him and tells him that marriage will come when and with whom the father chooses. Later during Lent, Alyosha is clearing snow from the roof when he falls to his death.

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