Ascent of the Blessed

Ascent of the Blessed

Ascent of the Blessed
Artist Hieronymus Bosch
Year after 1490

Ascent of the Blessed is a Hieronymus Bosch painting made after 1490. It is in the Palazzo Ducale, in Venice, Italy.

This painting is part of a polyptych of four panels entitled Visions of the Hereafter. The others are Terrestrial Paradise, Fall of the Damned and Hell.

Near-death experience researcher Sam Parnia wrote that the painting resembles imagery typically associated with an NDE, in particular angels escorting people down a tunnel of white light. He had a subject in particular write to him specifically referencing the painting, saying that it very much resembled what he saw during his NDE. It is unknown if Bosch himself ever experienced an NDE or had someone relate to him such an experience.[1]


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