Association of Corporate Treasurers

Association of Corporate Treasurers

The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) is the only British professional body specialising in the profession of corporate treasury. Originally founded in 1979 it was re-established on 1 January 2013 by Royal Charter requiring it to operate in the public interest. It is both an examining body, providing a wide range of qualifications for those working in treasury, risk and corporate finance, and a membership organisation which supports and represents its members.


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There are two possible routes to membership of ACT. Most members are individuals who have completed ACT's professional qualifications.

The levels of membership are:

  • Associate Membership (AMCT)
  • Membership (MCT)
  • Fellowship (FCT)
  • Corporate Membership
  • International Affiliates

Associates use the designatory letters AMCT, while members are entitled to use the letters MCT. Fellowship is the highest level of membership of the Association and confers the right to use the designatory letters FCT. It is a public recognition of the fact that the individual has made a contribution to the treasury profession.

Many members of the ACT are also Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies.

The ACT is a member of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers and the International Group of Treasury Associations, the umbrella bodies for corporate treasury organisations in Europe and worldwide.

Fast-track qualification

Automatic exemption from stage 1 of the AMCT Diploma, the Associate Membership qualification is available for all accountants qualified through IFAC member bodies. The ACT also offers a fast-track route for qualified accountants who wish to gain AMCT. This accelerated course of study is open exclusively to ACCA members and affiliates, CIMA members and students, ICAEW members and ICAS members.[1]


The ACT works with the British government and other bodies such as the Association of British Insurers and International Capital Market Association to help large and medium-sized companies to raise funds through the bond markets.[2]

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