BBC White City

BBC White City

White City One in spring 2013

The BBC is no longer at White City One, having moved to Salford in 2012.

BBC White City refers both to a collection of BBC buildings at Wood Lane, White City in west London, and an office building (now known as White City One) opened in 1990 within that collection of buildings. White City One housed most of the BBC's current affairs and factual and learning programmes, such as Panorama, Top Gear, Watchdog and many others.

BBC White City is a short distance away from BBC Television Centre. The BBC is set to leave White City, with the buildings being demolished or converted into a new campus for Imperial College.[1] White City One was vacated in March 2013.[2]


Another BBC building (Media Centre) in White City

The buildings are on the site of the Franco-British exhibition of 1908 and the White City Stadium, which hosted the 1908 Summer Olympics.[3]

A second phase of buildings was opened in 2004, known as the BBC Media Village. This new phase consists of the Broadcast Centre, the Media Centre, and two other office buildings: the North and South Perimeter buildings.

As of 2012 the boardroom in the headquarters hosted a number of historical artefacts including old TV cameras, a BBC Micro and an original iPod.[4] A portion of the building is also painted to resemble the BBC's iconic Test Card F design.


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