Baker Trail

Baker Trail

Baker Trail
Established 1950
Length 132 mi (212 km)
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Trailheads North: Allegheny National Forest
South: Allegheny Township
Use Hiking

The Baker Trail is a 132-mile (212 km) hiking trail in Pennsylvania in the United States.[1] The trail's southern terminus is in Allegheny Township, across the Allegheny River from the borough of Freeport. On its northern end, Baker Trail terminates inside of the Allegheny National Forest in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

The Baker Trail was named for the late Pittsburgh attorney Horace Forbes Baker, who was instrumental in the re-establishment of the Pittsburgh Council of the American Youth Hostels after World War II. The trail originally extended from Aspinwall to Cook Forest State Park (133 miles [214 km]). However, extensive development along the Allegheny River caused the Aspinwall-Freeport section to be abandoned. In 1971, the trail was extended northward from Cook Forest Fire Tower to near the Allegheny National Forest.[2]

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