Bernhard Förster

Bernhard Förster

Bernhard Förster
Bernhard Förster
Born (1843-03-31)March 31, 1843
Delitzsch, Province of Saxony
Died June 3, 1889(1889-06-03) (aged 46)
San Bernardino, Paraguay
Cause of death Suicide
Known for Nueva Germania
Spouse(s) Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche

Bernhard Förster (March 31, 1843 – June 3, 1889) was a German teacher. He was married to Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, the sister of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Bernhard Förster (2nd left) among other German antisemitic writers, ca. 1880


Förster became a leading figure in the anti-Semitic faction on the far right of German politics and wrote on the Jewish question, characterizing Jews as constituting a "parasite on the German body".[1] In order to support his beliefs he set up the Deutscher Volksverein (German People's League) in 1881 with Max Liebermann von Sonnenberg.[2]

He left Germany in 1886 to emigrate to Paraguay and the following year he set up a colony known as "Nueva Germania". However, as this initiative was a failure, he eventually committed suicide by poisoning himself with a combination of morphine and strychnine in his room at the Hotel del Lago in San Bernardino, Paraguay on June 3, 1889.


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