Carbamic acid
CAS number 463-77-4 YesY
PubChem 277
ChemSpider 271 YesY
DrugBank DB04261
KEGG C01563 YesY
MeSH Carbamic+acid
ChEBI CHEBI:28616 YesY
Jmol-3D images Image 1
Molecular formula CH3NO2
Molar mass 61.040 g/mol
Related compounds
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Carbonic acid
Ethyl carbamate
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Carbamic acid is a compound that is unstable under normal circumstances. It is technically the simplest amino acid, though its instability (and the unique nature of the carboxyl-nitrogen bond) allows glycine to assume this title. Its importance is due more to its relevance in identifying the names of larger compounds. [1] Carbamic acid itself has not been synthesized or characterized by any experimental technique.[2]

The radical is called "carbamoyl". "Carbamoyltransferases" are transferase enzymes classified under EC number 2.1.3.

Carbamic acids are intermediates in the decomposition of carbamate protecting groups; the hydrolysis of an ester bond produces carbamic acid the evolution of carbon dioxide drives the deprotection reaction forward, yielding the unprotected amine.


Main article: Carbamate

Carbamate is an ester of carbamic acid. Methyl carbamate is the simplest ester of carbamic acid.

Some esters have use as muscle relaxants,[3] while others are used as insecticides, for example aldicarb.[4]

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