A glass full of Chaach

Chaas (pronounced: 'Chaa-s') in India (also called Mattha in North India), is a salty lassi,[1] a buttermilk preparation from India. It is consumed all year round where it is usually taken along with meals. It is also consumed on its own as a beverage. It is made out of yogurt (Dahi) which is blended in a pot with an instrument called madhani (whipper). The butter which comes on top is filtered with a piece of cloth, and the remaining milk-based liquid which is left is known as chhaas or buttermilk.

Coarsely ground, roasted cumin seeds and salt are added to enhance its taste. Sometimes, mustard seeds, curry leaves, asafoetida, grated ginger, finely diced green chillies are added to accentuate the flavour of the chaas. Chaas is most often drunk with ice, in the hot summer months.[2] (Chhaas) generally taste similar, the difference between these two is that chhaas is the liquid left after extracting butter and lassi is water blended with yogurt.

Chaas is called majjige in Kannada, taak or tak in Marathi, majjiga in Telugu, moru in Tamil and Malayalam, and ghol in Bengali.

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