Chain Reaction (1960s band)

Chain Reaction (1960s band)

Chain Reaction
Origin New York, USA
Genres Hard rock, Pop
Years active 1964–1968
Labels Date Records, Verve Records
Associated acts Aerosmith
Past members Don Solomon
Peter Stahl
Alan Strohmayer
Steven Tallarico
Barry Shapiro

Chain Reaction, also known as The Strangeurs, was an American hard rock band from Yonkers, New York. They had four singles and were most notable for having lead singer Steven Tallarico (Steven Tyler, as he would later come to be known). They started off as the Strangers, until finding a group who already had that name, switching to The Strangeurs as a result. After a line-up change they changed their name to Chain Reaction.

Chain Reaction performed in concert as the opening act for such groups as The Beach Boys, The Byrds and The Yardbirds. The band's 1966 song "When I Needed You" appeared on Aerosmith's 1991 compilation box set album Pandora's Box.[1]

The Strangeurs line-up

Chain Reaction line-up


  • "When I Needed You" (B. Shapiro - S. Tallarico - D. Solomon - A. Strohmayer - P. Stahl)
  • "The Sun" (B. Shapiro - S. Tallarico - D. Solomon - A. Strohmayer - P. Stahl)
  • "You Should Have Been Here Yesterday" (Don Sloan - Peter Stahl)
  • "Ever Lovin' Man" (Don Sloan - Peter Stahl)

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