Charles Neblett

Charles Neblett

Charles Neblett (born 1941) was a member of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and a Freedom Rider. He helped found The Freedom Singers.[1][2]


Neblett, who sings sit-ins, freedom rides and voter registration drives in Mississippi and Alabama."[3] "His long career as a civil and human rights activist has taken him through more than 40 states and 50,000 miles as a member of The Freedom Singers, a legendary quartet that performed at the 1963 March on Washington."[4]

He has worked in the Black Bottom neighborhood, Russellville, Kentucky.[5] He served as "the first black elected magistrate in Logan County, Kentucky."[6][7]

He was inducted into the Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame in 2010.[4] In 2014, "Charles Neblett was a special guest of President Barack Obama at the White House during Black History Month."[8]


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