Chesapeake Bay Colonies

The Chesapeake Colonies were the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, later the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Province of Maryland, later Maryland, both colonies located in British America and centered on the Chesapeake Bay.

East Indian Slaves

Until recently, the only known racial groups in the colonies were the African slaves and the White colonists. Recent research, however, has shown that East Indians were brought over to the colonies as enslaved laborers, as both India and the colonies were under British control. Some papers show notices for runaway slaves, and describe them as "East Indians", "East India Indians", and "Asiatic Indians". One such notice describes the runaway as "an East India Indian named Thomas Greenwich; he is a well made fellow, about 5 feet 4 inches high, wears his own hair..." Most of the Indian slaves were already converted to Christianity, were fluent in English, and took western names. Their original names and homes will never be known, and they have since merged with the Black community. Today, descendants of these Indian slaves have a very small percent of DNA from their Asiatic ancestors, as most of their ancestry is African.

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