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Congress Working Committee

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Congress Working Committee (CWC) is an executive committee of the Congress Party in India, it typically consisting of fifteen members elected from the All India Congress Committee or AICC, and is headed by the Working President.

Mahatma Gandhi attends a Congress Working Committee meeting at Anand Bhavan, Allahabad; Vallabhbhai Patel to the left, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit to the right, January 1940.

The Working Committee has held different levels of power in the organisation at different times. In the period prior to Independence in 1947, the Working Committee was the centre of power, and the Working President frequently more active than the Congress President. In the period after 1967, when the Congress party split for the first time, between factions loyal to Indira Gandhi and those led by the Syndicate of regional bosses including Kamaraj, Prafulla Sen, Ajoy Mukherjee and Morarji Desai, the power of the Working Committee declined; but Indira's triumph in 1971 led to a re-centralisation of power away from the states and the All-India Congress Committee, and caused the Working Committee in Delhi to once again be the paramount decision-making body of the party.[1] The centralised nature of Congress decision making has since caused observers in the states to informally describe instructions from Delhi as coming from the "High Command".Following is the list of members of CWC.


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