Cronulla Beach

Cronulla Beach

Cronulla Beach

Cronulla Beach[1] (sometimes referred to as South Cronulla Beach), is a patrolled beach on Bate Bay, in Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia. The Cronulla Pavilion and the Cronulla Lifesaving Club are two prominent buildings located close to the sand. Cronulla Park sits behind the beach. The Cronulla Rock Pools are between Cronulla Beach and North Cronulla beach. The Alley is the local name given to the area between Cronulla Beach and North Cronulla Beach. Shark Island is a dangerous reef break, located off Cronulla Beach.


Cronulla is derived from an Aboriginal word kurranulla, meaning 'place of pink seashells'.[2]

Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club

The Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club,[3] was one of the first surf clubs established in Australia in 1907. The club had very humble beginnings in a tram carriage and today the clubhouse is housed in a magnificent art deco building on the beachfront, that was built in 1940.

Cronulla is one of the largest and strongest clubs in the surf life saving movement with 1,200 members, including 620 in its nipper ranks. Many lifesavers volunteer their time to patrol the beaches during the season from late September to late April. Cronulla has won three World Championships encompassing all rescue and Surf Life Saving competition and has consistently placed in the top 10 clubs at the Australian championships over the past 20 years.

Pop culture

Cronulla beach came to international prominence with the novel and film Puberty Blues.


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