Erik Worm

Erik Worm

Erik Worm
from left:Erik Worm and Béla von Kehrling in Sanremo in 1929
Full name Erik Jean-Louis Worm[1]
Country Denmark
Born (1900-04-26)April 26, 1900[2]
Copenhagen, Denmark
Died October 17, 1962(1962-10-17) (aged 62)[1]
New York City, United States[1]
Plays Right-handed (one-handed backhand)
Grand Slam Singles results
French Open 1R (1926)[3]
Other tournaments
WHCC 3R (1923)[4]
Team competitions
Davis Cup SFEu (1924, 1931)[2]

Erik Jean-Louis Worm (Danish pronunciation:  (April 26, 1900 – October 17, 1962) or simply Louis[a] was a Danish tennis player. He was a three-time Danish national singles and mixed doubles champion (1922, 1923, 1924) and a two times doubles champion (1922, 1925)[5] Apart from being a Danish champion he was the Austrian champion as well.[6] In club level competitions he represented the Boldklubben af 1893.[5] He was a runner-up for the Monaco tournament (now known as the Monte-Carlo Masters) in both singles and doubles.

Early life

Erik Worm was born on April 26, 1900 in Copenhagen to Wilhelm Worm.[7]

Tennis career


Worm entered the last edition of the [18] He was more lucky in the doubles where he and Jack Hillyard became the Riviera champions after eliminating the Austrian Davis-Cup partners Hermann Artens and Ludwig Salm-Hoogstraeten.[18] And in the follow-up mixed rematch of O'Connell-Ryan and Worm-Satterthwaite the Danish-Briton team equalized the tally.[18] O'Connell and Worm met again in the mixed final of the Montreux tournament at Switzerland, where they played with Muriel Thomas and the returning Cilly Aussem respectively, but the latter team hadn't found his form yet.[18] Then he toured the Weimar Republic and brought home several titles including the ones from Wiesbaden in doubles with Hector Fisher (also a singles runner-up versus Fisher), the Berlin Blau—Weiss doubles with Fisher (also a singles runner-up versus Franz-Wilhelm Matejka).[19]


In January 1930 at the Monte Carlo Country Club [21][22][23] In March in their second Menton title defense attempt Kehrling and Worm lost in the semis to Tamino Abe and Aeschlimann when the title-holders were already serving for the match.[24] Hughes and Ryan prevented Worm and Satterthwaite in the mixed to claim their first Menton crown.[24] In Beaulieu Worm and his recurring mixed partner Satterthwaite was unable to defend their title and ceded it to Pat Hughes and Violet Owen.[25] In the South of France Championships the doubles were decided between Irishman Rogers and Worm and their opponents Tilden-Coen with the American visitors leaving with the title.[25] In June he found a good partner in Tilden and became German Champions after winning the doubles at the Pfings-Turnier of the Rot-Weiss Club in Berlin.[26]

Later years

Worm began the John Olliff and Jean Lesueur and last in the Basel international tournament he clinched the mixed title and almost attached the singles to it but lost to Hector Fisher.[28][29] In June in Germany he was a two-times runner-up in mixed and men's doubles in Bad Neuenahr and a mixed runner-up in Wiesbaden.[30][31] In the Monaco tournament Beaumont Trophy Worm and Hillyard were forfeited the game to Kehrling and Artens.[32]

In the very first tournament of the year 1932 at the Beaulieu doubles title match Vladimir Landau was triumphant after a five set meeting with Aeschlimann and Worm.[33] In March at the Menton mixed doubles finals Worm and Satterthwaite failed for the fourth time and succumbed to the French couple of André Martin-Legeay and Simone Mathieu .[34]

Personal life

In January 1923 Worm secretly married theatre actress Alice Macy Beers in New York City daughter of William Hanford Beers.[7][35][36] The couple lived in Denmark between 1917-1924.[37] Later they moved to the United States and until his death in 1962 he lived in New York City.[1]


  • a Worm usually used the alias "Louis" when registering for tournaments.[21][24][27]


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