Excision (musician)

Excision (musician)

Birth name Jeff Abel
Also known as Excision, Destroid (with Downlink and KJ Sawka)
Origin Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Dubstep, Drumstep, Moombahcore
Occupation(s) Music producer, Performer
Instruments Digital Audio Workstation (Ableton Live)
Years active 2004–present
Labels Rottun Recordings; EX7; mau5trap; Destroid Music;
Associated acts Destroid, Datsik, Downlink, Messinian, SKisM, Ajapai, Space Laces, Bassnectar, Far Too Loud, Pegboard Nerds
Website .caexcision, .com.destroidwww

Jeff Abel, better known by his stage name Excision, is a Canadian dubstep producer and DJ.

Excision frequently works with fellow Canadian dubstep producers Datsik and Downlink. His music is known for focusing on atmosphere and minimalistic percussion. He is the founder of Rottun Recordings. Active since 2004, his first release was in 2007. He had released an annual "Shambhala" mix album in the third quarter of each year.[1] He also is known for his watts of bass tours.[2]

Abel recently founded another label "Destroid Music", upon its debut release a full length digital album was released with the majority of tracks by Excision himself and collaborations with other artists such as Downlink, Space Laces, Far Too Loud, Bassnectar and Ajapai. Another single was released in December 2013 by Excision & Space Laces entitled "Get Stupid". There are more releases scheduled to be released on Destroid Music.


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In early 2012, Excision started the North American "X Tour" with Liquid Stranger and Lucky Date.[3]

On November 15, 2013, Excision unveiled a 250,000 watt sound system at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield Colorado for the Boomfest event. The event included a very special back-to-back set from Funtcase and Cookie Monsta along with Deltron 3030, Brillz, ill.Gates and Colorado locals Robotic Pirate Monkey.[4]

Starting in January 2014, Excision began a new tour covering North America with support from Dirtyphonics and Ill Gates. This new tour featured his "Executioner" video and light production. This time around, he brings a new 150,000 watt sound system from PK Sound.[5]


Studio albums

Title Details Track list
X Rated
  1. "X Rated" (feat. Messinian)
  2. "The Underground" (with Downlink)
  3. "Ohhh Nooo"
  4. "8 Bit Superhero" (with Datsik)
  5. "Sleepless" (feat. Savvy)
  6. "Execute"
  7. "sEXisM" (with SKisM)
  8. "Swerve" (with Downlink)
  9. "Deviance" (with Datsik)
  10. "Jaguar" (with Datsik feat. Mr Hudson)
Codename X
  1. "Codename X"
  2. "Live Wire"
  3. "Float Away"
  4. "Out of Time" (with Dion Timmer feat. Splitbreed)
  5. "Shadowflame"
  6. "X Up" (with The Frim feat. Messinian)
  7. "Robo Kitty" (with Downlink)
  8. "Push It Up" (with Space Laces)
  9. "Bring the Madness" (with Pegboard Nerds feat. Mayor Apeshit)
  10. "Night Shine" (with The Frim feat. Luciana)
  11. "Interstellar" (with Dion Timmer feat. Rise At Night)

Remix albums

Title Details Track list
X Rated: The Remixes
  1. "Deviance" (Dirtyphonics Remix)
  2. "X Rated" (Space Laces Remix)
  3. "Sleepless" (Loadstar Remix)
  4. "Ohhh Nooo" (Lucky Date Remix)
  5. "The Underground" (Elite Force Remix)
  6. "Execute" (High Rankin Remix)
  7. "Swerve" (Specimen A Remix)
  8. "sEXisM" (Far Too Loud Remix)
  9. "Sleepless" (Xilent Remix)
  10. "X Rated" (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)
  11. "8 Bit Superhero" (Eptic Remix)

Extended plays (EPs)

Title Details Track list
Boom EP
(with Datsik and Flux Pavilion)
  • Boom (by Excision & Datsik)
  • Calypso (by Excision & Datsik)
  • Game Over (by Datsik & Flux Pavilion)
  • Crunch (by Datsik & Flux Pavilion)
Hypothermic EP
(Excision vs. The SubDivision)
  • Hypothermic
  • Hypothermic (Komonazmuk & Player1 Remix)
  • Titanium
Excision & Datsik Remixed
(with Datsik)
  • No Escape (Datsik Remix) (by Excision)
  • No Escape (Triage Remix) (by Excision)
  • Retreat (Excision Remix) (by Datsik)
  • Retreat (Elite Force Remix) (by Datsik)
Heavy Artillery / Reploid (Remixes)
(with Downlink)
  • Heavy Artillery (SKisM Remix)
  • Heavy Artillery (Adroa Remix)
  • Reploid (Document One Remix)
  • Reploid (Neon Steve Remix)
Existence EP
(with Downlink)
  • Existence VIP
  • Not Enough (feat. Skaught Parry)
  • Blue Steel
  • 2005

Singles and other releases

Year Title Label
2008 "No Escape" (by Excision) / "Bug Powdah" (by Innasekt) Rottun Recordings
2008 "Do It Now" (by Excision and Noiz) / "This Is War" (by Rakoon) Rottun Recordings
2009 "Wasted" / "Serious Business" Rag & Bone Records
2009 "Yin Yang" (with DZ) / "Obvious" EX7
2009 "Swagga" (with Datsik) / "Invaders" (with Datsik) EX7
2009 "Know You" (by Excision) / "3vil Five" (by UltraBlack) Rottun Recordings
2010 "Get to the Point" (with Liquid Stranger) / "One" (with Liquid Stranger) Rottun Recordings
2010 "Aliens" (with Endophyte) / "Too Late" Dubline Records
2010 "Subsonic" / "Force" (with Noiz) EX7
2010 "Boom" (SKisM Remix) (with Datsik) / "Swagga" (Downlink Remix) (with Datsik) Rottun Recordings
2010 "Subsonic" (by Excision) / "Emergency" (by Downlink) (Elite Force Remixes) Rottun Recordings
2010 "Heavy Artillery" (with Downlink feat. Messinian) / "Reploid" (with Downlink) EX7
2011 "Rude Symphony" (with Subvert) / "Darkness" (with Subvert) Rottun Recordings
2011 "Crowd Control" (with Downlink) Rottun Recordings
2011 "Before the Sun" (with Downlink and ajapai) Rottun Recordings
2012 "Brutal" Rottun Recordings
2012 "Headbanga" (with Downlink) Rottun Recordings
2012 "Get to the Point" (Cyberoptics Remix) (with Liquid Stranger) Rottun Recordings
2012 "Crowd Control" (Delta Heavy Remix & Pixel Fist Remix) (with Downlink) Rottun Recordings
2012 "Destroid 1 Raise Your Fist" (with Downlink and Space Laces) Destroid Music
2013 "Vindicate" (with Datsik) Firepower Records
2013 "Destroid 9 Blast Off" (with ajapai) Destroid Music
2013 "Destroid 11 Get Stupid" (with Space Laces) Destroid Music
2014 "Rock You" (with Downlink) Destroid Music
2014 "Destroid 7 Bounce VIP" (with Space Laces) / "Destroid 10 Funk Hole VIP" (with Space Laces) Destroid Music
2014 "Night Shine" (with The Frim feat. Luciana) Rottun Recordings
2015 "Bring the Madness" (with Pegboard Nerds feat. Mayor Apeshit) Monstercat
2015 "Robo Kitty" (with Downlink) Uplink Audio
2015 "Again & Again" (with Dion Timmer) Rottun Recordings



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