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Hebrew: דגל טרינידד וטובגו

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(Italian) (Japanese) [[:sl:državna zastava|državna]] [[:sl:zastava|zastava]] [[:sl:Trinidad in Tobago|Trinidada in Tobaga]] (Swedish)
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Remark The width of the white and black stripes together is 1/5 of the length, the ratio of the white and black stripes is 1:4:1 (see [1]). This means:
  • The angle between the stripes and the horizontal lines is
  • \arctan\frac{15+\sqrt{33}}{24}\ \approx\ 40.838718^\circ
  • The distance between the top left corner of the flag and the top left corner of the black stripe is
  • w\cdot(3\sqrt{33}-5)/{240}\ \approx\ 0.0509737\, w,
    where w= width of the flag. All other dimensions can easily be derived from this.