Frontiers Records

Frontiers Records

Not to be confused with Frontier Records.

Frontiers Records
Founded 1996 (1996)
Founder Serafino Perugino
Status active
Distributor(s) Caroline Distribution
Genre Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, glam metal, AOR, progressive rock, power pop, glam punk, progressive metal, speed metal, symphonic metal, neo-classical metal, power metal, melodic rock
Country of origin Italy
Location Naples
Official website

Frontiers Records is an Italian record label, predominantly producing classic rock. It was founded in 1996 by Serafino Perugino and is based in Naples, Italy.


Perugino started working in the music industry in 1996, as Italian distributor for numerous artists in the field of classic rock and earned an excellent reputation in the field, so that he could soon set up an independent label.

1998 saw the birth of Frontiers Records. The label was launched with the goal of producing high quality products in the field of melodic rock offering. The first release of the new label was the double live album Never Say Goodbye by the British hard rock group Ten.

In addition to the commitment of Frontiers Records to manage new artists in the genre the label roster is full of very well known bands and artists, such as Jeff Lynne, Winger, Styx, Toto, Yes, Joe Lynn Turner, Journey, Thunder, Survivor, Glenn Hughes, House of Lords (band), Crush 40, Hardline (band), Jeff Scott Soto, and Whitesnake.

Frontiers Records in December 2010 completed sales contract with EMI Music for the U.S. and Canada distribution, which became effective from January 2011.[1]


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