Geronimo's Last Raid

Geronimo's Last Raid

Geronimo's Last Raid
Directed by Gilbert P. Hamilton
Written by John Emerson
Starring J. Warren Kerrigan
Pauline Bush
Jack Richardson
Jessalyn Van Trump
Distributed by American Film Manufacturing Company
  • September 12, 1912 (1912-09-12)
Country United States
Language Silent film
English intertitles

The 1912 film Geronimo's Last Raid is considered an important film of the pre-World War I era.


Set around the capture and escape of Geronimo, a prominent Native American leader of the Chiricahua Apache, the film is a period drama involving a love affair between Lieutenant Parker and Pauline, Major Wilkins’ daughter, and the jealous Captain Gray. Gray secretly releases Geronimo held prisoner at Fort Sill and Parker is dispatched to find Geromino. After succeeding in throwing the blame on Parker, Gray receives orders from Major Wilkins to take both Parker and Geronimo prisoners. Pauline learns of the ruse, however, and while attempting to warn Parker, is captured by Geronimo who also takes Parker prisoner. Parker and Pauline manage to escape. Subduing Captain Gray and his men, Geronimo prepares to execute them. Rescued by Lieutenant Parker, Gray nonetheless has him jailed to face a court-martial but Pauline finally clears Parker of the charges against him.


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