Gordon and Koppel Field

Gordon and Koppel Field

Gordon and Koppel Field is a former baseball ground located in Kansas City, Missouri. The ground was home to the Kansas City Packers of the Federal League in 1914 and 1915. Two members of the Gordon family were on the team's board of directors. It is uncertain who Koppel was.

The ballfield was located on a block bound by The Paseo (east, left field?); 47th Street (north, third base?) (approximates Emanual Cleaver II Boulevard); Tracy Avenue (west, first base?); and Brush Creek (south, right field?). The diamond is thought (by Marc Okkonen) to have been in the northwest corner of the block, but there is room for some doubt, hence the question marks.

The field was subject to flooding from the nearby creek, which occasionally wrought havoc with the games. After the two-year Federal experiment, the site was abandoned. The land once occupied by the ballpark is now a public park called Kiely Park, which also contains a few commercial businesses, primarily restaurants.


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