H-E Double Hockey Sticks

H-E Double Hockey Sticks

H-E Double Hockey Sticks
Directed by Randall Miller
Produced by Jeffrey Lampert
George Zaloom
Written by Screenplay:
David Kukoff
Alastair Reid
Matt Roshkow
Lukas Foss
Starring Will Friedle
Matthew Lawrence
Gabrielle Union
Shawn Pyfrom
Tara Spencer-Nairn
Kim Greist
Rhea Perlman
Music by Julian Nott
Cinematography Mike Ozier
Edited by Jonathan Siegel
Distributed by Big W Productions
Release dates
  • October 3, 1999 (1999-10-03)
Running time
96 min.
Country United States
Language English

H-E Double Hockey Sticks is a 1999 American comedy movie directed by Randall Miller starring Will Friedle and Matthew Lawrence. The film is based on the opera Griffelkin by Lukas Foss. The film's title is a common euphemism for the word hell.

Plot summary

Satan, in the form of Ms. Beelzebub (Rhea Perlman), sends apprentice demon Griffelkin (Friedle) to Earth's surface to steal the soul of a hotshot young hockey player named Dave (Lawrence), who aspires to be the youngest man to ever win the Stanley Cup.

Dave and Griffelkin reach a very specifically-worded agreement whereby Dave's soul is forfeit in exchange for a Stanley Cup championship for the Delaware Demons (a thinly veiled version of the New Jersey Devils), which is Dave's team at the time. After the deal is done, however, Griffelkin also arranges for Dave to be traded to The Annapolis Angels, the last-place team in the league, allowing Griffelkin to fulfill his end of the bargain without actually allowing Dave to win the Stanley Cup himself. He later chooses to help Dave as revenge against Ms Beelzebub for her mean collapsible chair trick and because of his reformation, choosing to side with Good. An Angel named Gabrielle tells Griffelkin that Dave's soul can be saved if the Angels win the Stanley Cup. Dave then realizes that the only way to save his soul is to become a true team player and help his new teammates improve enough to defeat the Demons in the Stanley Cup finals. The Demons lose the Stanley Cup, The Angels win and the deal is off. Griffelkin decides to join Gabrielle, who tells him he has a few things he must do to earn his wings. Then Satan/Ms Beelzebub, enraged at her defeat and at Griffelkin for helping Dave win, madly goes back to Hell in a fit of rage.

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