Harsh Narain

Harsh Narain (1922 - 1995[1]) is an Indian author.[2] He has a Ph.D. from Lucknow University, and was a professor at Benares Hindu University, Aligarh Muslim University and North Eastern Hill University.

He wrote on Buddhism, Islam, Vedanta, Bertrand Russell, Mahatma Gandhi and Muhammad Iqbal. He wrote for the Urdu Encyclopedia, the Hindi Sahitya Kosha and the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies. He speaks Sanskrit, Pali, Persian, Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu.


  • Evolution of the Nyāya-Vaiśeşka categoriology
  • The mādhyamika mind
  • Facets of Indian religio-philosophic identity
  • Pramāṇakārikāḥ
  • Evolution of dialectic in western thought
  • Jizyah and the spread of Islam
  • The Ayodhya Temple Mosque Dispute: Focus on Muslim Sources. (1993)
  • Myths of Composite Culture and Equality of Religions, OCLC 25834556
  • Śūnyavāda: A Reinterpretation
  • Finding an English Equivalent for "Guṇa"


  • Gerald J Larson, Philosophy East and West, Jul., 1978, vol. 28, no. 3, p. 383-385
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