Horse-Shoe Trail

Horse-Shoe Trail

Horse-Shoe Trail
Length 140 mi (225 km)
Location Southeastern Pennsylvania, United States
Trailheads Valley Forge National Historical Park
Appalachian Trail
Use Hiking
Horse Riding
Hiking details
Trail difficulty Moderate to Strenuous
Season Year-round

The Horse-Shoe Trail is a 140-mile (230 km) trail that runs from the western edge of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It ends about 15 miles (24 km) northeast of Harrisburg at the Appalachian Trail.[1]

The trail was developed for equestrian and pedestrian use, according to the Horse-Shoe Trail Club guide (see below), hence the name (horse + shoe).

Trail junctions

The west end of the Horse-Shoe Trail terminates at the Appalachian Trail. It goes through Chester, Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Dauphin counties.

The east end of the Horse-Shoe Trail is nearly connected to the Wilmington, Delaware roughly along Brandywine Creek.

Minor connecting trails

Points of interest

Horse-Shoe Trail Club

The Horse-Shoe Trail Club was founded in 1935 and coordinates volunteer and funding efforts to maintain the trail.

The club prints a guide to the trail that is updated occasionally, which includes a booklet and a set of 10 detailed maps. The guide is available for sale through the club. It is also sold at the visitor's center to Valley Forge Park and other select locations. The 24th edition of the guide was published in February 2011. There is also a newsletter, Blaze, that is published and includes updated information to the guide.


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