IC 2944

IC 2944

IC 2944
emission nebula
open cluster
Observation data: J2000.0 epoch
Right ascension 11h 36m 36.0s
Declination −63° 02′ 00″
Distance 2.0 kpc[1] ly
Apparent magnitude (V) 4.5
Apparent dimensions (V) 75′
Constellation Centaurus
Physical characteristics
Radius Unknown ly
Absolute magnitude (V) Unknown
Notable features open cluster with nebulosity, Bok globules
Designations IC 2944,
Running Chicken Nebula,
Lambda Cen Nebula, Caldwell 100.

IC 2944, also known as the Running Chicken Nebula or the Lambda Cen Nebula, is an open cluster with an associated emission nebula found in the constellation Centaurus, near the star Lambda Centauri. It features Bok globules, which are frequently a site of active star formation. However, no evidence for star formation has been found in any of the globules in IC 2944.[2]

The ESO Very Large Telescope image on the right is a close up of a set of Bok globules discovered in IC 2944 by South African astronomer A. David Thackeray in 1950.[3] These globules are now known as Thackeray's Globules.



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