In the Name of the Law
Film still with Ralph Lewis and Claire McDowell
Directed by Emory Johnson
Written by Emilie Johnson
Starring Honus Wagner
Jeanne Carpenter
Release dates July 9, 1922
Country United States
Language English
Box office $17,530,973 (USA)

In the Name of the Law is a 1922 American silent film featuring Pittsburgh Pirates retired Hall of Famer Honus Wagner as a hero in an early action plot. During the climax of the film retired baseball player, and current (for the film) Pittsburgh Police Superintendent throws baseballs off the 144 foot high roof of the ten story Pittsburgh City Hall with only the films hero Wagner to catch them and save a vulnerable public. The film relies heavily on Wagner catching baseballs in almost every possible way.

The plot of the film involves the children of police officer Patrick O'Hara (Ralph Lewis) who manage to get involved in thefts, murders, and bank robberies. Although they are innocent, it takes time (and several catches by Wagner) to prove it.

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