Indian Creek Valley Trail

Indian Creek Valley Trail

Indian Creek Valley Trail
Length 7.5 mi (12.1 km)
Location Fayette and Westmoreland Counties, Pennsylvania, United States
Trailheads Indian Head, Pennsylvania
Jones Mills, Pennsylvania
Use Hiking, Biking
Hiking details
Hazards Severe weather

Indian Creek Valley Trail is a Pennsylvania rail-trail in northeast Fayette and southeast Westmoreland Counties about 50 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The Saltlick Township-owned[1] Section (6 miles) opened in 1989, where the trail traverses Indian Creek along the former Indian Creek Valley Railroad (ICVRR). The second phase (1.5 miles) opened[2] in 2009, and is in Donegal Township; however, it is owned by the Mountain Watershed Association. Plans call to extend the trail further in the future.

Trailheads and facilities

Listed below are facilities north to south.
Trailhead/Area Name Intersecting Road Features/Facilities
Jones Mills State Route 31 Parking
Champion County Line Road Parking
Melcroft State Route 711 and
State Route 381
Spur to Trail;
Picnic Area, Chemical Toilet and Parking Lot.
Indian Head Indian Head Road Parking, picnic area, playground, sanitary toilets.


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