Kōnan-Chūō Station

Kōnan-Chūō Station

Kōnan-Chūō Station (港南中央駅 Kōnan-Chūō-eki) is an underground metro station located in Kōnan-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan operated by the Yokohama Municipal Subway’s Blue Line (Line 1). It is 12.7 kilometers from the terminus of the Blue Line at Shōnandai Station.


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Kōnan-Chūō Station was opened on September 4, 1976. Platform screen doors were installed in September 2007.


Station layout

Kōnan-Chūō Station has two opposed side platforms serving two tracks. The platforms are on the second floor underground, with the exit gates and station building on the first floor underground.


  Blue Line (Yokohama) Totsuka, Shōnandai
  Blue Line (Yokohama) Kamiōoka, Kannai, Yokohama, Azamino

Adjacent stations

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Yokohama Subway Blue Line (B10)
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