Konče Municipality

Konče Municipality

Konče (Macedonian:     ) is a municipality in eastern Republic of Macedonia. Konče is also the name of the village where the municipal seat is found. This municipality is part of the Southeastern Statistical Region.


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The municipality borders Štip Municipality to the north, Radoviš Municipality and Vasilevo Municipality to the east, Negotino Municipality and Demir Kapija Municipality to the west, and Strumica Municipality and Valandovo Municipality to the south.


The municipality has 3,536 residents according to the 2002 Macedonian census.[1] Ethnic groups in the municipality:

  • Macedonians = 3,009 (85.1%)
  • Turks = 521 (14.7%)
  • others = 6 (0.2%)

The total number of students in the municipality in 2011, in comparison to the total number of students in 2007, increased for 6.5%. Konce is the second municipality in Macedonia by rise of the total number of students.[2]

Inhabited places

The number of the inhabited places in the municipality is 14.


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