Lewis (surname)

Lewis (surname)

Family name
Pronunciation Lewis
Region of origin Normandy, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.
Related names Lewes, Louis, Luis
Footnotes: 1990 Census Name Files

Lewis is a surname in the English language. It has several independent origins.

One of origins of the surname, in England and Wales, is from the Norman


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Lewis is the 23rd-most common surname in the United Kingdom.[3]

." Levi such as "[2],Jewish surnames of several like-sounding Americanization is also an Lewis. The surname Lewis", which has also been Anglicised as Lughaidh, meaning "son of Mac Lughaidh surname Gaelic Another is the [1], rugby league footballer of the 1920s, '30s and '40s for Castleford

  • Grant Lewis, American NHL ice hockey player
  • Greg Lewis (wide receiver), American football player
  • Guy Lewis, American basketball coach
  • Harry Lewis (boxer), American boxer
  • Hayley Lewis, Australian swimmer
  • Herbie Lewis (hockey), Canadian hockey player
  • Jackie Lewis, British racing driver
  • Jamal Lewis, American football player
  • Jensen Lewis, American baseball player
  • Jim Lewis (racehorse owner), owner of racehorse Best Mate
  • Jimi Lewis, English hockey player
  • Joe Lewis (footballer), English footballer
  • John Henry Lewis (1914–1974), boxer
  • Jon Lewis, English cricketer
  • Kevin Lewis (football player), American football linebacker
  • Kirstin Jean Lewis, South African archer
  • Lennox Lewis, English boxer
  • Leo Lewis, American football player
  • Lionel Lewis, Singaporean footballer
  • Luke Lewis, Australian rugby league player
  • M. Lewis, Surrey cricketer
  • Maia Lewis, New Zealand cricketer
  • Mark Lewis (Arena Football League), American football player
  • Mark Lewis (baseball), American baseball player
  • Mark Lewis-Francis, British athlete
  • Martin Lewis (basketball), American basketball player
  • Martyn Lewis (badminton), British badminton player
  • Marvin Lewis, American football coach
  • Mick Lewis, Australian cricketer
  • Michael Lewis (safety), American Football player for the San Francisco 49ers
  • Michael Lewis (wide receiver), American Football player for the New Orleans Saints
  • Mo Lewis, American football player
  • Oliver Lewis, American jockey
  • Panama Lewis (born 1945), American boxing trainer
  • Percy "Plum" Lewis, South African cricketer
  • Percy Lewis (born 1927), Trinidad and Tobago/British boxer of the 1950s and '60s
  • Rashard Lewis, American basketball player
  • Rawl Lewis, Grenadian cricketer
  • Ray Lewis (American football) (born 1975), American football player
  • Ray Lewis (runner), Canadian athlete
  • Reg Lewis, English footballer
  • Reggie Lewis (1965–1993), American basketball player
  • Ricky Lewis, American soccer player
  • Roderick Lewis, American football player
  • Scott Lewis (left-handed pitcher), American baseball player
  • Stacy Lewis (born 1985), American golfer
  • Steve Lewis (athlete), American athlete
  • Stuart Lewis-Evans, British Formula One driver
  • Tamsyn Lewis, Australian athlete
  • Ted "Kid" Lewis (Gershon Mendeloff), English world champion Hall of Fame welterweight boxer
  • Trey Lewis, NFL Defensive Tackle
  • Thomas Lewis (football) (born 1972), American football wide receiver in the NFL
  • Tim Lewis, American football player
  • Thyron Lewis, American football player
  • Tony Lewis, Welsh cricketer
  • Trevor Lewis, American hockey player
  • Vernon Lewis, American football player
  • Wally Lewis, Australian rugby league player
  • Wilf Lewis (1903–1976), Welsh international footballer
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