Lin-4 microRNA precursor

Lin-4 microRNA precursor

lin-4 microRNA precursor
Predicted secondary structure and sequence conservation of lin-4
Symbol lin-4
Rfam RF00052
miRBase MI0000002
miRBase family MIPF0000303
Other data
RNA type Gene; miRNA
Domain(s) Eukaryota
GO 0035068
SO Template:SO

In [1]).


lin-4 is transcribed from autonomous miRNA promoters and is developmentally regulated, with lin-4 miRNA accumulation occurring at the L2 stage of post-embryonic development. Additional to this is the up-regulation of endogenous lin-4 primary transcripts upon appearance of the lin-4 mature form.[4] lin-4 is found on chromosome II in C. elegans and is complementary to sequences in the 3' untranslated region (UTR) of lin-14 mRNA, this complementary transcript containing seven binding sites along with the 9 nucleotide core element CUCAGGGAA. The lin-4:lin-14 duplex is seen to take up an unusual kinked structure, caused by induced changes in the groove dimension and base stacking due to the mismatched base pairs.[4] This lin-4:lin-14 pair have been linked to the IGF-1 pathway in C. elegans with regards to their modification of development.[5]

Developmental influence

lin-4 acts to dictate the onset of larval stages of developmental events in C. elegans. lin-4 loss of function (lf) mutations see a resultant retardation of developmental fates, from their initially early to instead later larval stages. Consequences include heterochronic developmental patterns, with loss of structures such as the vulva and adult cuticle.[1] lin-4 acts as a negative regulator of lin-14[6][7] and represses accumulation of the LIN-14 protein.[8] It also targets lin-28 and reduces its protein expression through translational inhibition.[9] The base pairing in place between lin-4 and the target In question is discontinuous, consisting of two short helices.[10]


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