Chemical data
Formula C75H126N12O14S2
Molecular mass 1484.00 g/mol

Lipo-oxytocin-1 (LOT-1) is a synthetic peptide and analogue of oxytocin that acts as an agonist of the oxytocin receptor.[1] The lipidation strategy was applied to oxytocin to create a new peptide with improved pharmacokinetics.[1] LOT-1 consists of oxytocin conjugated with two palmitoyl groups.[1] After adjusting for molecular weight (LOT-1 is ~1.5x the weight of oxytocin), oxytocin and LOT-1 are equipotent.[1] In addition, LOT-1 appears to have a significantly longer duration of effect relative to that of oxytocin.[1] It has yet to be determined whether LOT-1 possesses improved blood-brain-barrier permeability relative to oxytocin.[1]

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