List of Aerosmith outtakes

List of Aerosmith outtakes

Aerosmith, just like any other band, have tracks left from their recording sessions, often referred to as outtakes. Little was known about them until the 1990s as lyrics, information and songs started leaking on to the internet. Additionally, some outtakes were released as B-sides on singles, as bonus tracks on international pressings of albums, as well as on compilations, live albums and box sets that the band has released throughout their career.

Only few bootlegs exist with complete demos or sessions. From 1982, there is a bootleg called "Pure Gold .999" with some "Rock In A Hard Place" demos. Three other bootlegs exist with demos and outtakes from the 1987 Permanent Vacation album: "Permanent Outtakes" (28 tracks), "Love Me Like a BirdDog" (with some Rick Rubin demos) and the "March 1, 1987 session" where the tape recorded 58 minutes of the band rehearsing a few songs. Pump does not have a full bootleg of outtakes; about 5 songs (mostly instrumentals) escaped in mid-1990s and have been included on several rare songs bootleg compilations.

Rumors of three fake bootlegs with the tracks left from Pump, Get a Grip, and Nine Lives sessions started in the year 2000 in internet chats and forums. Those bootlegs were later proved to be fakes, yet the song titles were real.

Nothing full has escaped so far from Get a Grip, Nine Lives, Just Push Play or Honkin' on Bobo. However, two tracks from the 2000s leaked: "Painted on My Heart" written by Diane Warren and recorded for the Gone in 60 Seconds movie soundtrack and "Oxygen" from the 2002 Maui sessions.

Sources of additional tracks' info, lyrics and sound bits have escaped from official websites, press, band members, close friends, private collectors, etc.

The following is a list of all possible outtakes known so far, mostly take from Gonzaloc's site. Please keep in mind that some are confirmed, as they have been subsequently released on other albums or mentioned as existing by the band, while some are not. For extended info on each song, full lyrics and few outtakes clips and covers, go to Gonzaloc's Aerosmith Outtakes site at:


  • "On the Road Again" (included on Pandora's Box)
  • "Unknown Up Tempo 1973 Blues Song". There is no info whether or not this song was recorded for the album; it was played live in at least one known occasion (University of Maine, Orono ME, September 30, 1973).
  • "Major Barbra" (1971 demo)
  • "Sweet Emotion" (Tom Hamilton's riff in a different key)

Get Your Wings

  • "Major Barbra" - (The 1974 studio version of the song can be found on Classics Live I. Alternate demo version included on Pandora's Box.)
  • "Son of Shit" (early SOS Too Bad)

Toys in the Attic


  • "Uncle Tom’s Cabin" (early Sick as a Dog)
  • "Tit for Tat" (early Rats in the Cellar)

Draw the Line

  • "Krawhitham" (instrumental) (included on Pandora's Box)
  • "Circle Jerk" (instrumental) (included on Pandora's Box)
  • "Subway" (instrumental) (included as b-side to 1991 single release of Sweet Emotion)
  • "All Your Love" (cover) (included on Pandora's Box)

Night in the Ruts

  • "Three Mile Smile" (instrumental jam) (included on Pandora's Box)
  • "Untitled Jam"
  • "Downtown Charlie" (included on Pandora's Box)
  • "I Live in Connecticut" (instrumental) (early version of "Three Mile Smile", included on Pandora's Box)
  • "Let it Slide" (very first version of "Cheese Cake") (included on Pandora's Box)
  • "Climbing the Walls" (1979 instrumental)
  • "Funkin Worlds" (1979 instrumental)
  • "Jammin Too"
  • "?" (unnamed instrumental)

Rock in a Hard Place

  • "Take It Or Leave It" (take 13, early Bolivian Ragamuffin)
  • "Bitch's Brew" (alternate take)
  • "Gut Bucket Blues" (early Bolivian Ragamuffin)
  • "Jig Is Up"
  • "Jailbait" (acoustic)
  • "Lightning Strikes" (alternate take)
  • "Cry Me a River" (take 4)
  • "Riff & Roll" (included on Pandora's Box)
  • "Far, Far Away" (according to the book: Aerosmith: Rocks Phoenix).
  • Other songs written after the tour for a follow up album with the replacement members (Crespo and Dufay).

Done with Mirrors

  • "Jam" (extended blues jam)
  • "Written in Stone/In the Bus Song" (by Rick Dufay)
  • "The Movie" (instrumental) [On September 14, 1985, Aerosmith performed a small clip]
  • "Wait for the Night" (unused song Perry and Whitford wrote during Brad's time on the Joe Perry Project)
  • "When Worlds Collide" (unused song Perry and Whitford wrote during Brad's time on the Joe Perry Project)
  • "First One's for Free" (unused song Perry and Whitford wrote during Brad's time on the Joe Perry Project)
  • "Going Down" (cover song recorded during Brad's time on the Joe Perry Project)
  • 8 more songs (according to Tyler in the Walk This Way book)

Permanent Vacation

  • "Love Me Like a Bird Dog"
  • "Hollywood" (2 different known takes)
  • "Walking on Danger Street"
  • "Sleepy Sickness" (or "Feel the Pain"/"Scream in Pain")
  • "Got to Find a Way"
  • "Take It Easy"
  • "Funky Thing"
  • "Right Key, Wrong Key Hole" (early version of "Magic Touch")
  • "Samurai" (early version of "Simoriah")
  • "Looking Like a Lady" (early version of "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)")
  • "Rag Time" (early version of "Rag Doll")
  • "Have Some Fun Tonight" (only played live)
  • "Once is Enough" (Later included on the 1987 EP, Vacation Club.
  • "One Time"
  • "Joe's Funky"
  • "Is Anybody Out There?" (Tyler/Perry/Vallence)
  • "No Room in My Heart" (country duet with a girl)
  • "Only Time Will Tell" ('86 demo, might be full version of "stevenonpiano" video)
  • "I Love You" (short intro-type song)
  • "Steven's Song"
  • "Mishugas" (same as "Got to Find a Way")
  • "Funky Blues Jam"
  • "Rocking Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu (from the Less Than Zero soundtrack)"



  • "Sedona Sunrise" (country song co-written by Jim Vallence; later included on the compilation Devil's Got a New Disguise)
  • "Guilty Kilt"
  • "News for Ya Baby" (became "Voodoo Medicine Man")
  • "Rubber Bandit" (or just "Bandit")
  • "Sniffin'" (reworked "Looking Up Your Old Address")
  • "Looking Up Your Old Address" (early 'Sniffin' instrumental; this name was also thrown around as a title for the album, according to the video The Making of Pump)
  • "Buried Alive" (contains lyrics later used in "Voodoo Medicine Man")
  • "Girl's Got Something"
  • "Burnin' Up" (very first "Ain't Enough")
  • "Is Anybody Out There?" (reworked)
  • "Fake Fight"
  • "Tramp"
  • "Mistake" (kinda slow rock/jazz song)
  • "Hot Toddy" (early "Black Cherry")
  • "Anytime"?
  • "Sister June" (or "Sister Jeane")
  • "Worlds Collide" (according to the book The Fall and Rise of Aerosmith, Perry/Whitford song)
  • "Tracker Pull" (very first fast-rockin' "Young Lust" instrumental)
  • No Name (instrumental)
  • "Yer Blues" (cover)
  • Brad's No Title
  • Brad's Newest
  • "Hole in My Soul" (according to Steven; song was later included on Nine Lives)


Get a Grip

  • "Black Cherry" (track completed and mixed, pulled from album)
  • "Devil's Got A New Disguise" (released on their 2006 compilation album of the same name)
  • "Dime Store Lover"
  • "Legendary Child" (Tyler/Perry/Vallence)
  • "Lizard Love" (Tyler/Perry/Lynne, later reworked and released on the 2003 Rugrats Go Wild soundtrack)
  • "Meltdown"
  • "Wham Bam" (Tyler/Perry/Supa)
  • "Yo Mamma"
  • "Brass Ballz" (1991 preproduction demo recorded at Joe's home studio "the Boneyard")
  • "Great Moments" (1991 preproduction demo recorded at Joe's home studio "the Boneyard")
  • "Trouble" (Tyler/Perry/Supa)
  • "Strange"
  • "13"
  • "Is Anybody Out There?" (reworked)
  • "Rocket 88"
  • "Mercy" (Joe Perry instrumental)
  • "Jake" (Steven Tyler & Ricky Byrd 1991 demo)
  • "Good Thang" (Tyler/Warren 1991 demo)
  • "Ain’t Gonna Break My Heart" (Tyler/Perry/Warren 1991 demo)
  • "Suzie Q" (very first version of "Devil's Got a New Disguise")
  • "?" (no name raw instrumental demo)
  • "Ain't That a Bitch" (a completely different version)
  • "Keep on Movin'" (exists according to John Kalodner)
  • "2 of Us" (no evidence of existence)
  • Acoustic "Angel"-like Tyler/Perry song (they used to play it durind GAG pre-production on Joe's garage)


Big Ones

  • "Raw Strawberry" (instrumental)
  • "Wham Bam" (Tyler/Perry/Supa, it's assumed it was considered as it was played live in 1994)
  • 5 songs to choose from according to Tom Hamilton

Nine Lives

  • "Bacon Biscuit Blues" (co-written by Richie Supa)
  • "Trouble" (Tyler/Perry/Supa)
  • "Where the Sun Never Shines" (Tyler/Frederiksen)
  • "Bridges Are Burning" (Tyler/Frederiksen)
  • "Innocent Man" (Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson song)
  • "Loretta"
  • "Kink" (early Pink title)
  • "When the Monkey Comes" (later became "Angel's Eye", which was included on the soundtrack for Charlie's Angels)
  • "Heart of Passion" (Ballard song?)
  • "Give It Away" (Frederiksen/Tyler song)
  • "Something" (a Joe Perry song)
  • "Do You Wonder Why?" (Joe Perry -music-, Billy Perry -lyrics-, Marti Frederiksen -demo vocals- song)
  • "History of Man" (Pat MacDonald song written for the band)
  • "Up on the Mountain" (listed on studio tape)
  • "Little Miss Funk It Up" (listed on studio tape)
  • "King Kong" (listed on studio tape)
  • "I Love You Down"
  • "I'm a Man" (cover)
  • "Little Grass Shack" (Steven song included on the NL's advanced version)
  • "GAP commercial Jam" (blues-rock jam later performed by Tyler and Perry for a Gap commercial in the mid-late 1990s)
  • "When the Rain Stops" (Tyler/Perry/Child song)
  • "Zoo (Gets Kind of Crazy)" (Tyler/Perry/Supa)
  • "Ain't That a Bitch" (2 complete different versions)
  • "What Kind of Love Are You on" (later included on the soundtrack for Armageddon)
  • "Roll Away the Stone" (Richi Supa song)
  • "Disguise" (very early Marti Frederiksen demo that would turn on to When the Monkey Comes)
  • "Better" (very early Marti Frederiksen demo considered by the band while in the New York sessions at Avatar studios)
  • "Cheating in the Night" (early Marty Frederiksen demo that would turn in to "Where the Sun Never Shines")
  • "The Reason" (Mark Hudson song rejected by Aerosmith, used by Celine Dion)
  • "Any Cat Man Do When It's Done" (very first "Taste of India"?)
  • "Extended Jammin'"
  • 3 songs co-written with Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots in 1996 (could be 3 songs already on the list)


  • "Fall Together"
  • "Falling Off"

Tracks 1999 - 2000

Just Push Play

  • "Time"
  • "Innocent Man" (reworked version of Nine Lives outtake, cowritten with Frederiksen/Hudson)
  • "We Love to Say This"
  • "Ain't It True" (cowritten with Frederiksen/Hudson)
  • "Sweet Dude" (cowritten with Frederiksen/Hudson)
  • "I Love You Down" (cowritten with Frederiksen/Hudson)
  • "Beyond Forever" (early version of "Beyond Beautiful")
  • "Avant Garden" (demo)
  • "Zorro" (no evidence of existence)


O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits

  • "Climbing the Walls"
  • "Bad Enough" (became "Lay It Down")
  • "Easy" (Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson song)
  • "A Good Thing" (professionally written song rejected by bandmates)
  • "Oxygen" (rejected by band mates, issued as "Feels So Good" by Tyler solo in 2011)
  • "Into the Grind" (early pop version of "The Grind" later turned in to the Honkin' on Bobo blues/ballad song)
  • "Good Night Joseph Parker" and "This Thing of Ours" (score soundtrack music by Joe Perry)
  • "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" (recorded for Lizzie McGuire)

Honkin' on Bobo

  • "Sail Away" (unclear name listed on the whiteboard on the Making of Bobo)
  • "Misunderstood" (unclear name listed on the whiteboard on the Making of Bobo)
  • "Talk Talkin" (or Talk to me, unclear name listed on the whiteboard on the Making of Bobo, possibly the same song that was released on Perrys 2005 solo album)
  • "What Could Have Been Love" (Marti Frederiksen, Russ D. Irwin 2004 demo)
  • Brad Whitford/Russ Irwin song
  • "Give me a Call" (unclear name listed on the whiteboard on the Making of Bobo)
  • "JP Polk Jummping - Pussy" (unclear name listed on the whiteboard on the Making of Bobo, possibly a Perry song)
  • "ST/Bud Slow" (unclear name listed on the whiteboard on the Making of Bobo, possibly the working name of a slow Tyler/Whitford song)
  • "Killing Floor" (Howlin' Wolf cover),
  • "House of the Rising Sun (The Animals cover),
  • "Hi Temp" (possible working title for "Temperature")
  • "Louie, Louie" (possibly featuring Tom Hamilton on vocals)
  • "Vigilante Man" (Woody Guthrie cover)
  • "All Your Lovin'"
  • "Broke Down Engine" (Joe on vocals)
  • "Let's Get Loud" (Hip-Hop song with Chuck D)
  • "Lizard Love" (remake)
  • Music for Genie Joe (online game for "Joe Perry's Rock Your World Hot Sauce")
  • At least 5 new original songs according to a 2004 Joe perry interview.

Joe Perry's solo album

  • "Something" (Nine Lives outtake reworked)
  • Other songs and outtakes reworked (enough to make another CD)

Devil's Got a New Disguise - The Very Best of Aerosmith

  • "Sedona Sunrrise" (released on the album)
  • "Devil's Got a New Disguise" (released on the album)
  • "What Could Have Been Love" (Frederiksen/Irwin, possible hit, demoed vocals recorded 07/15/06)
  • "Last GoodBYE" (new original ballad)
  • "Highway Star" (Deep Purple cover)
  • "Why Didn't Rosemary" (Deep Purple cover)
  • "Dream Myself Awake" (Rob Thomas song written for the band finally used on Taylor Hicks album)
  • "The Heat of Love" (Sedona Sunrise alt title reworked, commented by Steven 22/02/06)
  • "Black Cherry" (listed on the working songs white-board list)
  • "Bacon Biscuit Blues" (listed on the working songs white-board list)
  • "Legendary Child" (listed on the working songs white-board list)
  • "Easy" (Take it Easy reworked)
  • "Buried Alive" (rumor)
  • "Wham Bam" (rumor)
  • "Innocent Man" (rumor)
  • "Loretta" (rumor)
  • "Can't Stop Messin' With It" (listed on the working songs white-board list)
  • "Yo Mamma" (listed on the working songs white-board list)
  • "Head First" (listed on the working songs white-board list)
  • "Dimestore Lover" (listed on the working songs white-board list)

Music from Another Dimension!

  • "Seriously Cool" (partial lyrics to a song by Tyler)
  • "Bobbing for Piranha" (tentative track titles reported on Rolling Stone June 2011)
  • "Asphalt" (tentative track titles reported on Rolling Stone June 2011)
  • "Mamma Mia" (aka MOTHER OF MINE, MY MOTHER, written by Tyler and Frost for CALABRESI NERO)
  • "In Your Eyes" (aka SEXY LIL BODY, written for Steven)
  • "Weekends Were Made for Mich" (by Steve Karmen)
  • "Sweet Due" (Tyler/Perry with Terry Steven Lewis and James Samuel Harris)
  • "Ain't It True" (Frederiksen/Hudson/Tyler/Perry)
  • "Jake" (Bird/Supa/Tyler)
  • "Sepulveda Shuffl" (Tyler, Perry)
  • "Throws of Emotion" (Supa/Tyler - reworked 'Heart of Passion'?)
  • "It Ain't Easy"
  • "Innocent Man" (confirmed re-recorded and re-worked with Mark Hudson's help)
  • "Wake Field With Dreams" (as seen on the whiteboard in the studio in a Tom Hamilton video of 02-27-2009)
  • "Big Groove" (working title, reported by Joe Perry May 12, 2009 in a AOL interview)
  • "MeltDown" (confirmed reworked by Steven and Joey on a WZLX June 3, 2009 interview)

Steven Tyler solo album 2014

  • "God Doesent Live Here Anymore"
  • "Without you Forever"
  • "A Good Thing"

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  • From JB News from the Road: "...Joe and Steven had Robert Deleo come down to the Marlin Hotel in Florida to write some songs. Although none of the 4 songs that the trio worked up during that time have been used you can still hear Steven humming them from time to time. Maybe they will see the light of day soon."
  • On August 25, 1997, MTV News reported that "Robert DeLeo co-wrote three songs with [Aerosmith] for consideration on their latest album, 'Nine Lives.' STP first met Aerosmith in 1994 when STP requested tickets and passes to Aerosmith's L.A. show—they had grown up on Aerosmith music, they told reporters. DeLeo clicked particularly well with guitarist Joe Perry and the two kept in touch. DeLeo visited Perry at his home the following year, and then last year, DeLeo joined Aerosmith in Miami for an extended writing stint. Those sessions produced three songs that were considered for the album, but they missed the cut along with a dozen others—Aerosmith had gone into the studio with 23 some-odd tunes.
  • Robert said about writing songs with Aerosmith: "Yeah. That was pretty amazing. I got asked back in like '95 to go out and write with Aerosmith. And I've gone out several times. I remember pulling up to Joe Perry's house and he was outside and had just got this stereo for his car and he's like, 'hey, check this out.' And then Steven [Tyler] had just drove-up. We all got in Joe's car to check out his new stereo. And I thought I was dreaming! We wrote songs in Joe's basement. I hung with his family. I have to say Aerosmith is just some very nice people. Those guys are very amazing people. [...] ultimately they didn't use any of the material I wrote, because I think I was just so nervous. I think I wrote some really great songs with them and they said they will use them. So we'll see."
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  • Reference to "Black Cherry" on pag 473 of "Walk This Way: the auto biography of Aerosmith" by Stephen Davis:

"I had a lot of trouble with the lyrics, which were perverted, especially a song called Black Cherry. They were mean, very raw, with none of the humor you associate with Aerosmith." - John Kalodner "I had a song called Black Cherry, which I presented to the band. Three days later I'm confronted by Joe Perry, Tim Collins, and Lou Cox, and they ripped a second asshole in me about sexuality, all because I was reading f*ck magazines in the studio and they were scared I was backing into sexual addiction. They made fun of the lyrics I was writing, too juvenile, to immature" - Steven Tyler

  • List of songs from "The Making of Pump" video:

  • Press scan with Tom Hamilton talking about "Anybody Out There?":
  • Jim Vallence interview talking about "Anybody Out There?" and "Legendary Child":

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  • Mark Hudson interview referring to "the Reason" been rejected by Aerosmith:
  • List of songs from "Honkin' on Bobo sessions" taken from official "You Gotta Move" DVD:
  • 3 full bootlegs with "Permanent Vacations" outtakes and demos:

  • 1 bootleg with "Pump" outtakes and demos.
  • Full lyrics of most of the "Get a Grip" outtakes originally posted on official web page back in 1997.
  • Press article about a possible Steven Tyler solo album including song "Oxygen" and "A Good Thing" from 2003.

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