List of National Football League mascots

List of National Football League mascots

The following is a list of mascots of National Football League teams:

American Football Conference
Team Mascot(s) Description
Baltimore Ravens Poe, Rise and Conquer Poe, a Raven, named after Edgar Allan Poe. Since 2009, along with human mascot Poe, Rise and Conquer are Baltimore's two live Raven mascots on the sidelines for home games, handled by trainers from The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.
Buffalo Bills Billy Buffalo An 8-foot tall buffalo.
Cincinnati Bengals Who Dey An orange Bengal Tiger-like figure
Cleveland Browns Chomps, Swagger, Brownie the Elf Chomps is a dog-like figure, based on the team's Dawg Pound section at Cleveland Browns Stadium; Swagger is a live bull mastiff that serves as the Cleveland Browns newest mascot starting with the 2014 season
Denver Broncos Miles, Thunder II Miles is a white, horse-like anthropomorphic figure wearing an orange jersey; Thunder II is a live Arabian horse.[1]
Houston Texans Toro A dark blue bull-like figure
Indianapolis Colts Blue A blue, horse-like figure
Jacksonville Jaguars Jaxson de Ville A jaguar-like figure
Kansas City Chiefs K. C. Wolf; Warpaint K.C. Wolf is a grey-colored wolf-like figure; Warpaint is a live Paint horse
Miami Dolphins T.D. A dolphin-like figure
New England Patriots Pat Patriot A caricature of a patriot from the American Revolution; named after the nickname of the team's original logo.
New York Jets none
Oakland Raiders none
Pittsburgh Steelers Steely McBeam A burly steelworker with a Bill Cowher-like jutting chin, wearing a hard hat; based on the Steelers' pre-Steelmark logo in the 1950s-early 1960s.
San Diego Chargers none
Tennessee Titans T-Rac A raccoon; the state animal of Tennessee is a racoon.
National Football Conference
Team Mascot(s) Description
Arizona Cardinals Big Red A red cardinal-like figure
Atlanta Falcons Freddie Falcon A caricature of a falcon
Carolina Panthers Sir Purr A black panther-like figure
Chicago Bears Staley Da Bear A bear-like figure; named after the team's original name, the Decatur Staleys, as well as Bears founder A. E. Staley.
Dallas Cowboys Rowdy A caricature of a cowboy
Detroit Lions Roary A lion-like figure
Green Bay Packers none
Minnesota Vikings Viktor Viktor is a smiling Viking caricature whose head looks similar to the Vikings logo. Previously, Ragnar was one of two "human" mascots in professional North American sports (i.e. not in any animal or caricature costume), with Lucky the Leprechaun of the Boston Celtics being the other. Ragnar was dressed as a Viking, but in 2015 did not renew his contract.
New Orleans Saints Gumbo, Sir Saint A dog-like figure; apparently named after Gumbo, a dish that is very common in the southern part of Louisiana.
New York Giants none
Philadelphia Eagles Swoop, Air Swoop Swoop is an eagle-like figure. Air Swoop is an air-filled eagle caricature and similar to Swoop appearance-wise.
St. Louis Rams Rampage A ram-like figure
San Francisco 49ers Sourdough Sam A caricature of a 49er, a person who went to California to seek a fortune in the 1849 California Gold Rush
Seattle Seahawks Blitz; Boom; Taima Blitz and Boom are large blue anthropomorphic birds; Taima is a real, living Augur Hawk, sometimes thought to be an osprey, but actually a Buteo [2]
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Captain Fear A caricature of a pirate
Washington Redskins none


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