List of Playoff Bowl broadcasters

List of Playoff Bowl broadcasters

The Playoff Bowl (officially, the Bert Bell Benefit Bowl) was a post-season game for third place in the NFL, played ten times following the 1960-69 seasons. It was abandoned in favor of the current playoff structure with the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. The following is a list of the television networks and announcers that broadcast the Playoff Bowl during its existence.

Season Network Play-by-play Color commentator(s) Sideline reporter(s)
1969[1] CBS Jack Whitaker Frank Gifford and Don Perkins
1968[2] CBS Ray Scott Paul Christman Frank Glieber
1967[3] CBS Frank Glieber Frank Gifford
1966[4] CBS Chuck Thompson Tom Brookshier
1965[5] CBS Frank Glieber (first half) and Chuck Thompson (second half) Pat Summerall
1964[6] CBS Jack Drees (first half) and Earl Gillespie (second half) Frank Gifford
1963[7] CBS Ray Scott (first half) and Ken Coleman (second half) Frank Gifford
1962[8] CBS Chris Schenkel (first half) and Ray Scott (second half) Warren Lahr
1961[9] CBS Chris Schenkel (first half) and Van Patrick (second half) Johnny Lujack
1960 CBS Ken Coleman (first half) and Van Patrick (second half) Johnny Lujack


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