List of regions of Australia

List of regions of Australia

This is a list of regions of Australia that are not Australian states or territories. The most commonly known regionalisation is the governmental division of the state into regions for economic development purposes.

Others regionalisations include those made for purposes of land management, such as agriculture or conservation; information gathering, such as statistical or meteorological. Although most regionalisations were defined for specific purposes and give specific boundaries, many regions will have similar names and extents across different regionalisations. As a result, the names and boundaries of regions can vary and may overlap in popular places.

Not all the regions in this list have official status as an economic or administrative region.


  • Multi-state/territorial 1
  • New-South Wales 2
  • Northern Territory 3
  • Queensland 4
  • South Australia 5
  • Tasmania 6
  • Victoria 7
  • Western Australia 8
  • See also 9
  • References 10
  • External links 11


New-South Wales

See also the Bureau of Meteorology's NSW regions map.[1]

Northern Territory

See also the Bureau of Meteorology's NT region map [2]


See also the Bureau of Meteorology's Queensland region map [3]

South Australia

See also the Bureau of Meteorology's South Australia regions map [4]


See also the Bureau of Meteorology's Tasmania regions map [5]


See also the Bureau of Meteorology's Victoria regions map [6]


The six official regions of Victoria are:[7]

  • Southwest
    • The Otways
    • West Coast
      • Shipwreck Coast
      • Great Ocean Road
      • Surf Coast

Western Australia

See also the Bureau of Meteorology's Western Australia regions map.[8]

Unofficial - still used

See also


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External links

  • - an Australian government website dedicated to providing information about the 55 regions of the nation
  • - Regional Development Australia sets regional priorities and helps guide local development and policy