List of rivers of Australia

List of rivers of Australia

Major rivers of Australia

This is a list of rivers of Australia. Rivers are ordered alphabetically, by state. The same river may be found in more than one state as many rivers cross state borders.


  • Longest rivers nationally 1
  • Longest river by state or territory 2
  • Rivers by state or territory 3
    • Australian Capital Territory 3.1
    • New South Wales 3.2
    • Northern Territory 3.3
    • Queensland 3.4
    • South Australia 3.5
    • Tasmania 3.6
    • Victoria 3.7
    • Western Australia 3.8
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Longest rivers nationally

A branch of the Murray River, near Howlong, New South Wales.
Longest rivers in Australia by length
(September 2008)
Order River name Length Source
km miles
1 Murray River 2,375 1,476 [1]
2 Murrumbidgee River 1,485 923
3 Darling River 1,472 915
4 Lachlan River 1,448 900
5 Warrego River 1,380 857
6 Cooper Creek 1,300 808
7 Paroo River 1,210 752

Longest river by state or territory

Although the Murray River forms much of the border separating New South Wales and Victoria, it is not Victoria's longest river because the New South Wales border is delineated by the river's southern bank rather than by the middle of the river. The only section of the river considered within Victoria is a stretch of approximately 11 kilometres (7 mi) where it separates Victoria and South Australia. At this point, the middle of the river forms the border.[2]

Longest rivers in each state or territory
(December 2012)
State/territory River name Length Source
km miles
Australian Capital Territory Murrumbidgee River 59 37 [2]
New South Wales Murray River 1,808 1,123
Northern Territory Victoria River 510 317
Queensland Flinders River 1,004 624
South Australia Murray River 700 435
Tasmania South Esk River 245 152
Victoria Goulburn River 654 406
Western Australia Gascoyne River 834 518

Rivers by state or territory

The following is a list of rivers located within Australian states and territories. Where a river crosses a state or territory boundary, it is listed in both states and territories. Where a river has a name that includes the word creek, it has been officially designated as a river.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

The Geographical Names Board of New South Wales lists 439 rivers in the Geographical Names Register.[3] In the following list, where there are duplicated names, the source local government area (LGA) is identified. In the event of there being two rivers of the same name within the same local government area, additional referencing is provided. Rivers of New South Wales lists all rivers below, grouped according to whether the river flows towards the coast or flow inland, and grouped according to their respective catchment and sub-catchment.

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

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