Manfred B. Steger

Manfred B. Steger

Manfred B. Steger(1961- ) is teaching at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, as of 2013. He was Professor of Global Studies and Director of the Globalism Research Centre at RMIT University in Australia and is still affiliated with that school.[1] As of 2013, Steger is a member of the editorial board of the American Political Science Review, the research journal of the American Political Science Association.[2] Steger's research and teaching spans globalization, ideology, and non-violence.

Steger was born in Austria and left there in 1986 to study in the United States. He earned a PhD in political theory and comparative politics at Rutgers University in 1995.[3]

Steger's won the 2003 Michael Harrington Award with his study on Globalism: The New Market Ideology (Rowman & Littelfield, 2002).[4][5]


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