Mark Davis (American football)

Mark Davis (American football)

Mark Davis
Born Mark Davis
1954/1955 (age 59–60)
Nationality American
Occupation Professional Sports Owner
Known for Owner of the Oakland Raiders

Mark Davis (born 1954/1955[1]) is principal owner and managing general partner of the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League (NFL).[2][3] Davis inherited the team after the death of his father, Al, in 2011.[4][5] Davis with his mother, Carol, own a 47 percent share of the Raiders, which is contractually structured to give them controlling interest. However, Mark has day-to-day control of the team.[6] Davis is a graduate of California State University, Chico.[1]

Ownership Style

In his short ownership of the Raiders, Davis has been known for a hands off approach to the football side of the operations focusing on the business aspects of the team appointing then handing control of football operations to General Manager Reggie McKenzie. This form of management is in stark contrast to his father whom up to his death had control of both the business and football sides of the team.

In 2013, Davis fired the Raiders public relations director after a Sports Illustrated article that was critical of Davis' father. Davis stated that the director's replacement needed to understand the importance of his father's legacy and actively protect it.[7]

Stadium Lease

Davis gained control of the team towards the end of the Raiders lease with the Coliseum a facility that dates back to 1965 and has multiple issues due to its age. It is also the only stadium of which still houses a NFL and MLB team at the same time. Davis has put himself in charge of an effort to establish a new stadium for the Raiders. He has stated a desire to keep the Raiders in Oakland (preferably on the Coliseum site) or the immediate area but due to the lack of a stadium plan has talked to other cities such as Los Angeles, California and San Antonio, Texas.[8][9]

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