Military dictatorship

A military dictatorship is a form of civil disorder, a military dictatorship justifies its position as "neutral" arbiters on the basis of their membership within the armed forces. For example, many juntas adopt titles, such as “National Redemption Council", “Committee of National Restoration", or “National Liberation Committee".[1]

Civil-military dictatorship

The concept of civil military dictatorship was coined to describe the nature of the Uruguayan dictatorship (1973-85) (Spanish: Dictadura cívico-militar).

Historians Gabriel Salazar and Julio Pinto have stressed the hybrid nature of the Chilean military dictatorship (1973-90) and previous and later apparently non-military governments claiming that there is a continuation of civil and military cooperation that excludes the population from meaningful participation in the state affairs calling this a de facto civil-military dictatorship.[2]

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