Ming Tombs Reservoir

Ming Tombs Reservoir

The Triathlon Venue at the Ming Tomb Reservoir

The Ming Tombs Reservoir or the Shisanling Reservoir (十三陵水库) is a dam in Changping District of northern Beijing. Named for the Ming tombs nearby, it is the lower reservoir of the Shisanling Pumped Storage Power Station. The earth-fill embankment dam is 29 metres (95 ft) high and 627 metres (2,057 ft) long. The dam creates a reservoir that can store 59,000,000 cubic metres (2.083565337×109 cu ft) of water and contains a controlled chute spillway.[1]

In 2008, the reservoir was one of the nine temporary venues of the Beijing Olympics. It was used for the Triathlon events at the 2008 Summer Olympics, during which it was known as the Triathlon Venue (simplified Chinese: 铁人三项赛场; traditional Chinese: 鐵人三項賽場; pinyin: Tiěrén Sānxiàng Sàichǎng).


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